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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflections on Lesson 11
Are the Minoans the ancestors or origin of the Greek civilization? I would like to know more about Atlantis and Lemuria from a credible source since there is so much controversy if I were to research on the internet. Does Cheikh Ante Diop’s book which you have mentioned or the African Origins series cover the topic in detail? Since a Kemetic priest asked Solan if he knows about his own history, does that mean that the myth of Atlantis and Lemuria have no relation to Kemet?
I have gained a lot of new insights from this lesson. The questions asked by the aspirants towards the end of the video were insightful and appreciated.
Areas of the lesson that were personal highlights to me:
“What would happen if you were to allow yourself to become formless (by getting rid of your thoughts and yourself as a subject) and be looking at an object or a scene?” The mind would become undifferentiated. Replicating a dreamless sleep experience consciously means becoming aware of the higher reality within oneself. Becoming master of the higher and lower at the same time means being able to be able to hold on to that reality while living in time and space. I find myself daydreaming about what the pharaohs and priests(esses) state was like. And it is something I love to just sit and imagine. This was an insightful implication about the state of enlightenment.
“What makes one capable of imagining and visualizing is the Akh; the light of consciousness.” It is amazing when one really delves into the concept of imagination and the concept of even thoughts. Imagination and the feeling coupled to it feel almost like being somewhere else, especially during childhood. Imagination was everything; was the greatest pleasure. It even changes the perception of what you are looking at and how you are feeling in a certain place. I feel it can have the power to even make you be somewhere else which explains why the Akh is an important subject when it comes to meditation and higher planes. And why its famous to always hear yogis talking about the power of the mind. Knowing that imagination and visualization comes from the Akh which is what is activated during meditation makes sense.
It is important for me to understand that fear from mystical experiences and fear from what is not supposed to be feared in the first place comes from lack of proper preparation and training in the Shedy disciplines.
Another important point I never realized: The soul subconsciously tries to promote one’s spiritual evolution. Being part of a religion that says that the mystical is demonic results in a contradiction between the waking state and the unconscious state, developing an Ari against spiritual evolution. It can cause spiritual psychosis and mental illnesses.
This explains a lot why religious people can tend to become deluded. Lack of being aware of the Truth is mental illness. It does not have to be a serious diagnosed mental illness. It also caused me to reflect on why people who take psychedelic drugs and have mystical experiences could also become very delusional and actually misuse and ruin the image of spirituality. Like the groups that made Hinduism and Buddhism a modern trend. I think this is mostly because they tend to start relying on the drugs to have spiritual connection to the Self and seek more creativity and insights, which the drug will only provide for a brief time. This results in reliance. The drug will not make any miracles to turn one into a pharaoh/sage. The delusion is also a result of having mystical experiences but the personality is not being worked on as well as the lack of will of becoming disciplined in the teachings of Maat which causes major danger to the mind (hence delusion, psychosis, mental illness).
Much Dua for this lesson. Peace and blessings.