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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown Lesson 9 Video Presentations Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 K101WT

This lesson came from a lecture at the 2005 Neterian Conference. It highlighted selected slides and other information from the book “Egyptian Mysteries Vol 1.” At the onset questions were answered regarding the purpose and function of the Sema Institute and the Temple of Aset.
The term Neterianism is derived from the term Shetaut Neter. Neterianism means that it relates to the Neter. Shetaut Neter is about the teaching related to the secret, hidden Supreme Being. It is a universal teaching to improve life and promote peace and prosperity for all human beings, who should be considered Africans, sharing in the legacy and heritage of Africa.
The central philosophy of Shetaut Neter is that men and women are to become God-like through a life of virtue and the cultivation of the spirit through scientific knowledge, practice, and bodily discipline. Since everything has entropy and must be continuously maintained and continuously reordered, in order to uphold truth and order, all must make offerings to Maat. The highest offering is living by truth.
It was learned in a previous lesson that the Great Truths of Neterianism are realized by listening to the wisdom of the traditions, ritual purification, and meditation. Living in accordance with the teaching leads to a growing experiential understanding of the Divine. The end of all of the Neterian disciplines is to discover the meaning of Who am I, to unravel the mysteries of life and fathom the depths of eternity and infinity – Nehast.

Hence, to become a Shemsu requires adherence to basic daily ceremonial rituals based on the understanding of the Anunian Trinity and the three functions of Ra. The instructions for the daily program are in the daily worship book. It is important to understand the architecture of the human constitution. There are nine important aspects of the human personality that emerge from the transcendental self. If the nature of the elements of the personality are understood, the nature of the Divine personality is also known. The philosophy of complementary opposites seems relevant here due to illustration of harmony between Set and Heru. Aspects of the personality should be fully integrated so that a person can whole and fully develop. Health also is very important and of three types: body, mind and soul. According to the Pert m Heru you must be a vegetarian. You must be a righteous personality. Also, you must purify your heart so that you can have subtlety of intellect.