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Howard Brown Lesson 7 Video Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 K101WT

It seems to me that this lesson outlines a detailed process to achieve the goal of Shetaut Neter. It puts forth that the practice of religion and the practice of yoga should lead to the same spiritual realization. If you take the path of religion, you are addressing myths, rituals and mysticisms. If one chooses the path of Yoga, he or she is practicing meditation, devotion, wisdom, and righteous action (Shedy disciplines). Being one who believes that religion should be practical to be effective, the themes that emphasize Shedy disciplines are the most important.

The main forms of Yoga disciplines are: Wisdom, Devotional Love, Meditation, Physical Postures, Selfless Action, Tantric and Serpent Power. Smai Tawi means union of the two lands or the union of the lower self (Set)and the Higher Self (Heru). Each great truth has a corresponding Shedy discipline that allows it to be realized. The Great Awakening occurs when all the great truths have been realized by perfection of the Shedy disciplines.
In the Neterian system, postures were practiced by the priests and priestesses to identify with divinities and respective myths to master their virtues and powers. Tantic and Serpent power have to do with unifying gender and energy. The Serpent Power is the essence of all life and it is cultivated through all the spiritual disciplines. If the Serpent Power is raised, it will lead to the cultivation and expansion of consciousness.
Under the tutelage of an instructor, an aspirant should listen to the wisdom from one of the six main Neterian Traditions. Followers of Shetaut Neter should make the following offerings to purify the heart and sustain the community and temple: Selfless Service, Virtue, and Donations. There are three special means to practice devotion to the Devine: Singing, Chanting Hymns, and Devine Offerings.
Meditation is a way to turn inwards to discover the ultimate reality of being. Five prominent forms of mediation practice were used by the priests and priestesses of ancient times which are available for present day practitioners: Arat Sekhem, Ari Sma Maat, Nuk Pu Ushet, Nuk Ra Akhu, and Rekh Maa.
A Neterian follower should learn to act with Maat. Practicing Maat has to do with ethics and the law of cause and effect, working rightly, glorious deeds and true rituals. The aspirant must understand the principles of Maat and practice them daily.

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