Reply To: Kemet 101-Lesson 5 Discussion Forum

Elizabeth Perez

Great information on how a belief system started in the Pre dynastic times with Gods and Goddesses and their main focus was on self empowerment through understanding the universal laws, connection with source through their own symbology that was integrating into their daily practice, worship, rituals and taught to all and not kept from any.

I find these teachings resonate more so with what I would want to understand and study. So many teachings and wisdom came out of this period of time.

Interesting the teachings of Moses, the commandments, what he preached came out of the teachings of Maat, makes sense, but of course reworded, the disdain that came out of the remaking to what Moses used to preach onto his people, and the destructive force to destroy those who didn’t believe what he said, to be killed, because they used the bull for symbolic reasons.

Throughout the bible there are many contradictions, in regards to what is right and wrong, and that christianity has created their own version of what should be followed through violence not through intellect nor through God/Spirit that is good in nature.

Christians replicated the Ankh to use as their own symbol, destroying the temples to rebuild with their own churches, shows such hatred to dominate and control. They did not fully understand the teaching of Kemet, and felt threatened by such wisdom.

It shows that the destruction created to the Isis temple with their symbol multi cross, was a desperation for no one to be able to see her great teachings and remarkable wisdom.

The Monastic belief system was already started within Egypt.

As time continues we see different religions that begin to emerge that came out of the Egyptian system. For example creating a new belief system, with a supreme being, but only one, that is the only one, Muslims restructured their new belief system, stating in the Koran that they are the best of people, they also believed in killing and those who did not believe in their faith are enemies ……there seems to be a betrayal of domination, to prove which culture and tradition is better. Fundamentalists of course are extremists with these beliefs.

Islam’s took over Egyptian businesses not allowing them to practice unless they converted to their faith.

Hindu temples were also destroyed because they worshipped gods and goddesses.

The tantric oval symbolism of fertility, the Ka bah was a threat to those who did not understood the actual meaning, the woman’s yoni, a meteor had landed as the seed of god to earth, for impregnation. this symbol was used to keep the meteor in cased inside it in the shrine, located in Mecca.

Muhammed was chased away from the shrine when he tried to impose on destroying it. He created a following in another town and came back to finally destroy the shrine.
So many teachings that had meaning and truth were not understood by so many, instead of trying to understand destructive force was used to stop these beliefs from continuing.

As the religions continued to expand, christianity, judaism into Asia minor, Israel, Arabia, and more countries towards Europe and now all over the world.

We see many similarities and many changes, contradictions and aggression in the new teachings that were never found in the Kemet teachings.

Bahaism and Sikhism are new religions that are a mixture of all , without the derogatory teachings, instead preaching on self love, harmony and connection with God.

Faith should not be imposed, what a person wants to belief in is a choice.

Belief systems should be about positive empowerment for betterment of oneself and not about degrading, destroying, or hating others.