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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflections on Lesson 9
It was interesting to learn that the Kaaba is a pre-islamic “pagan” artifact and Allah is more ancient than Islam. It induces my mind to wonder. It also allows way to slowly put the pieces of a puzzle together about certain concepts I have read and wondered about before. For example, I have always seen their art and calligraphy as beautiful and mystical, resembling deep patterns in nature, but it was strange to me how that form of art could have come from such a strict religion that says art is an instrument of the devil. It did not make sense, until now. Just like Christians took certain Kemetic symbols, myths and wisdom philosophy from Kemet, likewise, that art could have also been taken from the pre-islamic mystics.
In relation, the mystical is the truth of the myth; the myth decoded. Ignorance towards the mystical brings about the delusion of religious people and the divisions; the divisions which are primarily caused by disagreements about the myth. If one is ignorant towards the mystical, one will take the myth too seriously as if it was an occurrence in history. Learning that Khepri told Asar and Aset to come down to earth and become teachers to human beings, to show them civilization, also expanded the understanding of the importance of the mystical more. Wisdom gives birth to civilization (ethics, awareness of Maat, higher consciousness, spiritual and literal cleanliness, etc) and draws one closer to the Truth/ Divine again via questions (i.e about the concept of death, the Self,or the expansiveness of outer space). The realization of the eternal soul magnifies the consciousness and introduces the mystical, through which unity with the Divine is established. Without wisdom and realization of the essence (eternal soul), ignorance and wrongdoings seem much harder to avoid since it would be much harder to realize the Truth (mystical).
Everything our Kemetic ancestors put out had meaning. It was all precise. You implied this too by mentioning that the symbolic representation of the Neteru give me an indication of the kind of power they have and the manifestation they are embodying. What does then the trachea and lung signify? Why the trachea and lung in the depiction of the Unity of the Higher and Lower Self?
Are the different postures of the Neteru (i.e earth ,creation, etc) more than mythological/symbolic? Do they allow your body to gradually tune to the energy of each divinity depending on the postures? In other words, do they help activate certain energy centers along with the chants and visualization meditation?
Dua for the lesson