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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflection on Lesson 8
Something new that I learned is the 3 trinities of Kemet. They are the same, just under different names:
Ra trinity: Khepri – Ra – Tem
Ptah trinity: Ptah – Sekhmet – Nefertem
Amun trinity: Amun – Mut – Khonsu (Heru Ur is same as Khonsu)
The reason for all this worldly mess is simple: not following truth.
Death exists for our benefit. If one is not conscious of their death day, they will live by an illusion. It made me realize that death is not only an illusion itself, but a blessing and a teaching given by the Divine. It is the first concept that makes one think higher, deeper and bigger. It is a concept that leads one to find truth, the Divine, the nature of their being. This is also further supported by the section of the Kemetic proverb “(Truth)… planted in thee a knowledge of their pre-eminence.” It implies to me that death is a concept that leads you in search of the truth, and the truth is simultaneously within you. “Act as soul dictates to thee and the end shall be always right”. The soul is in reality the Divine, Asar, the real me as part of the great thought of Ra, the great orchestra of Ra. Bring my essence to light, know myself (my essence/soul) and my life will become in tune, my life will be led by truth and naturally directed towards my true destiny, and enlightenment will be achieved. Knowing my true essence, my true self as Asar is a completely new level of understanding self-love and peace with oneself. We tend to treat our own selves the worst, especially when we do mistakes. Disrespecting anything and transmitting negativity onto anything is against Maat. Moreover, it gives me a beautiful perspective of myself. Myself as not the ego, the individual-delusion, but rather my mystical self, myself as a part of Net’s body, as part of Ra.