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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflections on Lesson 7
I have learned that Sema Tawi is a discipline of training the consciousness for a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility.
The west has marred the image and connotation of Yoga. I was also a victim of the western view of yoga. Yoga is not only the physical exercises that we know and see, but there are other types of yoga. Yoga is an overall training of the consciousness in order to reach enlightenment.
It was interesting to learn that there are different types of meditations one can practice, like meditation on the subtle life force, meditation on righteous action, meditation of the I Am, meditation on glorious light.
It was also pleasant to learn more about the structure of the temple. There was an area for the public to come and worship led by the priests and priestesses and an area like our nowadays schools, where the community comes to learn. There were many areas not accessible to the public.
“Temples were like research centers. What was being researched was the life force energy of our entire being.” Priests and priestesses were not like the nowadays priests of religion where they just devote themselves to the divine and preach to the public. Many priests and priestesses were specialized in a scientific or artistic field. Some were doctors. Some were architects. Some were engineers. Some were artists for the temple. It implies/hints to me how the arts and sciences were even discovered in the first place by our ancestors. And how they were of higher intelligence and did amazing things like the pyramids. Enlightened beings realize that sciences and arts are a study of the Divine and Creation. I feel that even the discovery of these fields was a result of an awakened consciousness, of a meditative state, of being in tune with nature. I could be wrong. This is my reflection after hearing that statement. Nature/Neteru can teach someone a lot; one should just be still and use the senses. It is the understanding of science, math, and art in a metaphysical and mystical way that leads to such a high intelligence that baffled western egyptologists to think they were aliens. When one knows the truth and beauty of Kemet, western Egyptology becomes a comedy.
Peace and Blessings.