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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflections on Lesson 6
I love how the purpose of Myth was talked about deeply. Myth is not a lie. Myth and metaphor are closely related. It is a multi-purpose: to teach me about myself (my psyche, human psychology/behavior) and to give me wisdom teachings (i.e on morals, ethics, values, living with Maat in order to tune myself to the Divine and flourish). It also teaches me about the Neteru, The Divine, and Creation; creation of the Universe and the creation of myself because I am made of the Neteru, the same Neteru that surrounds us, the same Neteru we love and worship. Most importantly, it is there for me to have the correct view about my existence and my purpose.
What was special for me is deeply reflecting about the myth being written in the form of a journey. This understanding is a pacifier. It allows me to enhance my patience more and more and to trust and enjoy the process. Its also not just about the process, but my own progress too.
It was interesting to know that the 3 major religions present nowadays have a mystical aspect. So, the problem is not those religions, but their practice. Ignoring the practice of and learning about the mystical side and just practicing the myth and rituals is basically missing the entire point. Myth and Ritual are but a preparation for transcending the limited mortal experience and uniting with the Divine.
The biggest lie that religion has brainwashed me with as a child is that God is seated somewhere in heaven controlling and watching everything. Not to mention how they portray God as a scary father prone to anger, jealousy, and terrible punishments. The biggest lie implied in schools is that we are the only intelligent and spiritual beings on this planet. Nothing else seems Divine, everything else is just matter. Yet God and Universe are one. To seek the Divine is to search for him in the horizon of my thoughts. Everything is Ra’s consciousness, Ra’s vibration, so how can we be “the only intelligent and advanced species”. I believe if one meditates in nature, one would notice divine energy everywhere and sense warmth and love of Neteru. One would notice how the body can heal and function all by itself without “you” just like the earth, is because it is of high intelligence and subtle Divine spirit. This is a step to better understand the Neteru and tree of life.