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Howard Brown Lesson 5 Video Presentation
Egyptian Mysteries Level 1 K101WT

Religious and iconographic factors were presented to establish correlations that proved the Neterian origins of Pre-Judaic and Arab religions. Cultural evidence has been found in the following provinces and cultures: Mesopotamia, Sumerians, Babylonia, Persia, and Zoroastrianism. Allah existed in pre-Islamic time and Elohim (gods and goddesses) existed in pre-Judaic time. The worship of the same Ancient Egyptian goddess, under slightly different names but with the same iconography, repeatedly appeared in Canaan and the rest of Pre-Judaic-Christian-Islamic Arabia (Ashby, 2011). The Hebrew people maintained a prominent presence during this time.

The three most prominent present day Western orthodox religions are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Judaism and Christianity can be considered plagiarisms of Ancient Egyptian religion. Rituals and concepts were co-opted. It has been proven that Jesus is a descendent of Ham (Ashby, 2011).
In keeping with the concept discussed in Lesson 4 regarding migration, Jewish people were in and out of Egypt for survival. The Jews were saved from certain death due to starvation twice. According to the Bible, the first time Jews were saved from death was when Ancient Egypt became the refuge for Abraham from the famines of the Near East. Israel and Jacob go into Egypt and Ethiopian and increased the population with Egyptians and Ethiopians. Later, according to the story of Joseph, the Jewish people survived the droughts and famines of Canaan by seeking refuge once again in the land of Egypt. The extension of asylum to Jesus along with his family in Egypt during the time of persecution at his birth, and his subsequent upbringing there explains the similarities of Jesus to the Egyptian savior character of Heru (Ashby, 2011).
According to the Bible, three basic groups of people came from Noah. The sons of Noah were Ham (African, Cush, Mizraim, Canaan), Shem (Asiatic), Japheth (Eurasians). Ham was the progenitor of the African people(s), Shem was the progenitor of the Asians and Japheth was the progenitor of the Germanic ancient Celtic peoples. The Africans inhabited the area from Africa to the Caucasus mountains, which included ancient Canaan. According to the text, Greek historians have concluded that the inhabitants of that area were all one related people including the Ethiopians (Cushites), the Egyptians (Mizraim) and the Canaanites. That is to say that the Jews were ethnically related to the Ethiopians, Egyptians and Canaanites (Ashby, 2011).
A vigorous discussion ensued after class about the name of Allah that gave insight into the challenges associated with going beyond indoctrination, conditioning and forgetfulness. I asked myself the following questions: How deep has my conditioning been? What is the extent and effect of my miseducation? How far have I been led astray? I conclude that, one has to use a righteous conscious to decided what is right and evolve.
Ashby, Muata (2011) The African Origins Book II The African Origins of Western Civilization, Religion, and Ethics Philosophy