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Ausar Ra Hetheru


In the week 5 lecture I will be sharing some of the most important highlights. The Pre-Judiac Arab Religion originated out of Mesopotamia that lead to creations of Persians, Summerians, Babilonians and should not be mistaken with Islam. The meaning of Elohim is gods and goddesses which later became one God. In Neterism there are 6 main traditions. I had no idea that the word Hebrew means nomad. The Jesus character was derived from Heru in Kemet. Also the Ausar story and the story of Baal in Arabia are very similar. The cross symbol of Christianity was derived from the Ankh of Kemet. The original jews were African and the origin of whte Jews did not happen until the fall of the Roman Empire. The 10 commandments were copied from the 42 laws of Maat. The destruction of the Egyptian temples and structures were due to the early Chistians. When early Christians such as St Augustine wrote that Christianity was the original religion and nothing was before it and that they drove out the Egyptian Gods and depicted them to be evil.Then the Christians decided to take over the temples which led to the end of Kemetic culture. The concept of Manifest destiny was the promise made by Abraham in the Bible and that the only God existed in Israel and no other culture or race of people have their own concept of God. One thing I found interesting is that Koran accepts the old testament but not the new testament. The western religion and Muslims hold a sense of superiority and feeling that they are the best religion and all others who do not believe in the Koran are enemies. Having such extreme beliefs such as Muslims leads to actions and followers performing acts such as 9/11. Muslims and Islam hold very similar views and in the Koran mention that the Jews and Christians are your friends and protectors.

Ausar Ra Hetheru