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Howard Brown
Egyptian Mysteries 101 Lesson 4

Kemetian society produced a movement of people throughout the world. It was put forth that Kemetic culture is part of an indigenous development that can be considered as the apex of pre and post development throughout Africa. Kemet is the flower of African culture. It should be understood as the summit of African culture.
This Video presentation, primarily, examined correlations between Kemetic culture and those of Yoruba and Dogon. Yoruba and Dogan people are descendants of ancient Kemet society.
The video presentation also illustrated how the process of cultural interaction leads to cultural exchanges, adoption, inculturations and the emergence of new religions and philosophies. Cultures can develop independently, dependently concurrently. They can also become stagnant. We see different forms of interaction in different development of cultures.
People migrate for various reasons. For example, whenever there are upheavals or conditions such as pestilence and war or an expanded population, people migrate. There is evidence of the practice of Asarian religious tradition in western African countries that Kemit had trade relationships with. Asarian artifacts have been found in the Congo.
The process by which ancient African history has diffused into past and present-day cultures was explained by using principles of cultural interaction. Examples were given to provide evidence of matching cultural categories by correlating cultural factors.
The video presentation was emphatic about the notion that a culture without a philosophy that affirms universal divinity cannot develop into a civilization. Civilization means the coming together of a group of people to organize themselves and promote the general good (society). This is sustained by an ethical social conscience. The ethical social consciousness comes from an underlying spiritual basis that recognizes all life as sacred.
According to Dr. Ashby, ethics are an expression of spiritual consciousness. Ethics and spiritual awareness or consciousness should be the basis of society. The lack of such awareness contributes to western culture’s inability to love humanity. Mystical studies are imperative if a society wishes to avoid self-destruction due to living a way of life that promotes degraded culture instead of respect for life.