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Ausar Ra Hetheru


This week I will be summarizing my notes of the most critical points discussed in lesson 4 lecture. The Dogon and Yoruba tribes are the descendants of Kemetians of the East. One of the key points I learned was that its important to not separate Kemet from the culture of Africa because the are connected. Any upheaval of any culture such as Kemet typically was followed by migration from one part of Africa to the other. One of the most popular traditions was centered around Ausar which originated out of Kemet and Ausarian artifacts have been found in places such as the Congo. When it comes to comparing cultures when there are 2-3 themes or factors that are similar then its appropriate to consider true connection between cultures. The function of a pyramid is one as a temple and two as a tomb and the most pyramids are actually found in Kush instead of Kemet. According to the lecture, cultures develop in 4 ways which are independent, Dependent, Concurrent and Stagnation. Kemet is considered the pinnacle of African culture that started in 36000 BC. Lastly, our ethics specifically and as a culture is just an expression of your spiritual consciousness.


Ausar Ra Hetheru