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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown
Video Presentation
Lesson 3
Egyptian Mysteries 101

The information presented in this video was a lot to digest. The suggested book readings proved to be most valuable. The themes that stood out to me had to do with the concepts of absolute and relative reality and that of cultural categories and factors of expressions
The video presentation informs me that, initially the development of society was directed from the temple. The old kingdom period ended with the attack of the Hyksos. Spread of the Kemetic Empire occurred after the Hyksos were countered. Some temples were converted to Christian Churches during the period that saw the conquest by the Romans, who imposed Christianity. Priests began to lose control and shared power with the Pharaohs.
According to this video presentation and the associated readings, culture directs development of society. It is essentially a way for humans to exist. Forms of reality that one must be concerned with in life that are associated with culture development are actual, image, and name.
Differentiation is a biproduct of culture. Humans are conditioned to have ideas. Individual development is dependent on infinite value and karmic base. Infinite value is actually not infinite but virtual. Karmic base has to do with direction of one’s journey. It resides in the unconscious mind with regard to past actions and previous lives. It can be light or heavy.
The fact that different cultures express the same thing(s) in different ways can be troublesome and cause such things as racism, sexism, etc. Varying environments and foods are also factors that shape culture.
According to Dr. Ashby, culture is everything learned from living in a society. However, the outer learning masks an inner experience. The notion that one spirit as the source of life was incorporated into the organization of the Kemetic social structure. The absolute reality transcends cultural expression. However, culture gives people ideas and a way to relate to the world of relative reality.
If two traditions are shown to have common elements in the basis of their philosophy, as well as the manifestation of cultural factors such as iconography, rituals, myth-plot, etc. then there may be a strong correlation in origin and or contact during development of the cultures in question. If this is the case, then these factors can be used to formulate equations.