Reply To: Kemet 101-Lesson 4 Discussion Forum

Elizabeth Perez

I found this class very interesting about how Africa was created and expanded to the development of the Kemet culture in one region and so many other territories across Africa.

The most revealing part of it is, is how this isn’t taught in American schools, I never learned the extent of it, never heard of Kemet in high school. Which isn’t surprising because history is mostly about wars, dates and nazis. Not much else is taught, this indoctrination of stories, there is so much more rich information, that isn’t even talked about. There is some information on tribes, but not enough and current events in Africa nothing in regards to what really and truly existed many years ago.

How our civilization began should be taught, the advanced philosophy and ideology that was practiced is so amazing, that it can still be learned today.

I am looking forward to learning even more about the Kemetan culture.

I was contemplating on why has there been genocide happening in Africa and this obsession to bring down the black culture and people, and it makes sense now, it has been difficult for people to find peace, only distraught, murder, enslavement.

African people descend from royal blood lines, priests, priestesses, wise people that understood life, who had great wisdom. Many tribes still have close bonds with family and community.

But these traditions, are looked down upon, when it should be listened to, there is so much to learn from our ancient times.