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Audio – How to conduct self as initiate in the temple

This lecture is about how to conduct myself as an initiate in the presence of the initiatic company which is my Shedy group or in the presence of the spiritual preceptor. Following are what i have been reminded:

1. Greeting the Spiritual Preceptor and the term Seba
After i have cleansed myself and have been allowed into the Temple, the first thing is to prostrated myself before the divine image and greet the priest or priestess. Even if the Shrine is closed i will prostrate myself in front of the Shrine and then take my seat.

The Spiritual Preceptor is known as ‘Seba’ in Kamitan spirituality. Sehu, another term means spiritual counselor. Seba means preceptor.

I must not come into the Temple harboring thought of anger, hatred, greed, lust, jealousy, envy and so forth.

2. Sitting Posture
I am allowed to cross leg sitting which lotus posture, siting on chair closed legs with hands both sides of my tights, siting on the floor as if im on the chair hands holding my feet together, or any sitting.

I must no extent forward my feet towards the divinity or sage.

3. Respect for the Shrine and Conduct in the Temple
I have gain understanding that i must be always punctual before the Shrine, always silent unless directed, if im late which not encouraged i must prostrate myself and take my seat without any disturbance.

4. Spiritual Clothing
At the time of my initiation i should have been cleansed and have my white or light colored clothing upon entering the spiritual hall. The gab is an absolute necessity, it is an augmentation, it is something that helps the practice. Hygiene of my body, speech and o my mind are three main concerns for initiate.

Do i implementing the practice if not how am i going to bring balance.

– I always greet the Spiritual Preceptor by the preferred manner of ‘Dua’ posture on recorded lectures, previous videos, visual meeting/lectures.
– When listening to recorded lecture, visual meeting i always sit on preferred manner before computer / audio screen/device unless only when im driving.
– I must attend to white or light clothing especially getting myself the gab.

Dua Htp