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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown
Egyptian Mysteries 101 Lesson 2

Spiritual consciousness underlined Kamitan society. The temple was a university complex that addressed all aspects of society. It allowed development and formed the foundation of Kamitan Society: economics, education, social/political order, and religion. Basic needs have to be met in order to have a balanced, happy and stable society. Political leaders should provide the following:
Food to the hungry
Shelter to the homeless
A Boat to the boatless (opportunity)

Discovering that the boat represented opportunity, the idea of sailing, the waves and wakes, movement of the water was intriguing.
There are those who are dedicated to the management of degrading society. With respect to the management of degradation, deprivation of any of the above basic needs creates disorder. I cannot say that evil does not exist. This lesson provides a very useful model of the main aspects of society that allowed consideration of single and aggregate societal impact(s) of neglectful and righteous vs unrighteous actions by past and present political and religion leaders. The current states of African and America societies are good illustrative examples.

Dr. Ashby posed the following questions:
1. Why would a person who is attempting to overcome a deluded academia and society accept living in such a society?
2. Why does that person want to be a part of such a thing?
3. Why do they not face the realities of injustices and immorality?

He went on to inform us that christianity was a major contributing factor to the degradation of Kamitan society via the closing of the temples. The imposition of orthodox christianity was the beginning of the Dark Age. The primary contributor to the downfall of African Civilization was forgetfulness of ethics, morality, and righteousness. According to the video presentation, forgetfulness occurs when a society is not challenged as a people. The concept of spiritual awareness wanes, thus society implodes and begins to degrade with respect to the four aspects of society.
An African proverb states that “If one fights in the arena forgetful of the past, success will elude him who ignores what he should know.”