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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflections on Lesson 5
Some things I have wondered about were answered; i.e a connection between ancient asia minor and Kemet through similarity of symbols:sun disk, ankh, herumakhet, smelling of the lotus flower and the neteru.
I never expected that a Christian such as St Augustine would admit that Christianity is not new and existed among the ancients. Allah is a much older diety than the time of Islam. Mohamed just made some changes.
Question: Hebrew are nomads roaming asia minor. Asia Minor seemed to have been in peace with Kemet because of the similarity in belief and the historical depicitions. If there is a depiction of the hebrews in the new kingdom era paying tribute to the pharaoh, how come in that same era the hyksos attacked Kemet and briefly took over? Hyksos are from the asia minor region. So does that mean there was an imbalance in harmony in the asia minor region back then? Some areas had a colonial mentality and some areas were in harmony with kemet?
Was this lesson from the African Origins book so that I can expand my my historical knowledge further?