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Ausar Ra Hetheru


In the second lesson video I notated some of the most important points that I thought were most significant. The major breakdown of African civilization was between the end of the old dynastic period and the middle period due to the forgetfulness of morality, ethics, truth, integrity and righteousness. When there is elevation economically, politically and socially then morality or the maturity of the society tends to falter which is the current condition of the US. When a society is not challenged it tends to have the notion that evil should not exist which is infallible because its a factor for the good of life. Its dangerous when a race of people has no challenges one can assume that their purpose is to just have pleasure and not be motivated to discover your purpose beyond this point. Marching is the beginning of action but not a act that will challenge or lead to the change of the stopping of the injustices of a race of people in the nation. One must never compromise their value or morality in order to play a part or take a job so one must find a different line of work that maintains their values and ethics. In Kemet the priest and priestess were in charge of the temple which became the sceptre of agriculture, education, social, economics, politics. The only word for religion in Kemet was referred to as Shetaut Neter. When Christianity came in to take over Kemet the temple was closed which led to the breakdown of the whole setup of the Kemetic civilization and mayhem ensued. The three needs of humans in the teachings of Maat are food (sustenance), shelter (Home) and a boat (opportunity or the capacity to grow as a human being).


Did Ego lead African civilization as well as forgetfulness to their downfall of their society?
Why has most current nations followed the West’s format of running their nation on the culture of not experiencing any challenges?
How can Africans reclaim their Pyramid wisdom without slipping into the ways of forgetfulness?
Why was it important for the Greeks and Romans to enforce Christianity on the world in order to control religion rather than allow Kemet to maintain their way of life and their temples?


Ausar and Auset Ra Hetheru