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Aspirant Howard

Howard Brown
Response to Lesson #1
The discussion about the philosophical approach and penetrating the Mysteries resonated with me. Having been a student and teacher, I am astonished (and encouraged) by my perceived level of ignorance. However, there is a reasonable assurance that I will progress in spiritual development.
It appears that there is much to learn with respect to the interactions between various manifestations of NETER and Neters. The use of factorials in the consideration of the number and positions of various Gods suggests to me that I have much to learn. For example, it seems that the same God can represent various cosmic forces or concepts at different times. Sometimes I am confused.
On several occasions, it was necessary to look up definitions before I felt I could provide an adequate response. At times, even after having sort the definitions, I felt that my responses were still inadequate. I have learned that I have a proclivity towards certain Gods (Asar in particular). Maybe my dissonance has to do with acceptance.

I clearly see the need for purification and guidance. The lessons about ethical conduct that emphasized that questioning should aim to resolve ignorance and make changes are salient. They caused me to ask myself if I am giving myself entirely to the teaching. In addition, I may not have the right attitude/respect for my body. All of this has given me insight into the need for a spiritual teacher.
I have read several of the books presented in the Book Series. The readings have generated numerous questions. They have inspired me. I am reasonably sure that I will increasingly gain insights and clarity in the mysteries.
Question: With respect to the suggested Book-list of Beginners and Advancing Aspirants, is each and every book to be read or is there a minimum number and particular titles that should be read?