Reply To: Kemet 101-Lesson 3 Discussion Forum

Elizabeth Perez

I do believe that the Kemetic traditions were definitely much more evolved than the politicians that we have today. It fascinates me to hear how priestesses, sages, queens etc, worked together. Solidarity to help all, there was no segregation between society. Children being taught at a young age to become empowered and to follow their passion, is definitely the stepping stone to success.

Priests teaching how to become self empowered, how to find the true essence within us, that we are a soul, living this physical experience. People were taught how to ascend to their higher knowledge. This form of rulership, was to integrate and cooperate with all, including other nations. There seems to have been open dialogue, discussions, to form healthier relationships with families, partners and society as a whole.

Once the military cast the destruction over this civilization, and many more across the world, people became disempowered, taught to hate, fear, obey, they lost their voice. This has created a wound that has been carried within us all over many generations, the fear of being heard and valued.

The younger generation lack support, many are depressed, unwanted, suicidal, because they are confused and have not been taught how to trust their own inner voice/power.

Listening to music that is destructive to the soul is harmful, idolizing celebrities that have low morals and are also confused. Many lack guidance, because even adults are working to survive, with no time to question life nor raise their children.

Religion teaches their system and not how to empower oneself.

We live in an overly sexualized society, with such emphasis on girls, that are in their teens, women over 50 are told by the media that they are worthless when they age, the entire society through programming is taught that we have no voice nor value.

Even though this is happening, at the same time there is hope, in the last few years some voices are being heard, with the yoga and meditation revolution, great transformation has happened, with many looking to enhance their wellness, through more holistic alternatives.

I do believe that we are headed towards change, the golden era, with more education, teaching about sacred traditions, this awareness can manifest again and a new way of living can happen.