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Ausar Ra Hetheru


-One of the biggest takeaways from the videos was that Kemetic Spirituality was the original way of living for the ancient Kemetians, Neterians and Africans who resided in Egypt. The Book of the dead is not the bible of the kemetians or neterians but a book of rituals and about Asarian resurrection. Religion is made up of three parts such as myth, rituals and mysteries. When it comes to this Kemetic or Neterian lifestyle it is a full time commitment from day to night which eventually is something that you become through daily practice, rituals and teachings. One of the more surprising things I learned is that Ra has three forms which is why there are 3 times one will go through their rituals or devotions which is morning, noon, and evening. The goal of life is not your virtues even though they are important but they are means to an end to achieve the higher form of enlightenment. The Neterian lifestyle is all about being rather than doing things to receive a feeling, emotion or gain. I did not know that the opposite of Set is Auset rather than Heru being the opposite of Set. The Kemetic diet does not only deal with physical food but with the mind and the soul. When you are in the dream state you are in your astral body. I did not know that Lucy is the first human that all human beings originate from which dates back to 100k B.C in Africa by way of the Nile. One of the ways to relieve suffering is to focus on our way back to alignment and our true divinity and way of being. My wife and I learned so much and look forward to learning more.

Is one of the issues that holds humanity back is inward spiritual development?

As a beginner in the study of Neterian or Kemetic Spirituality is it normal to have unique occurrences or moments of divine gifts being displayed?

How did we as Africans fall away from our Neterian or Kemetic Spirituality?

Why did we as Africans move away from the balance of Man and Woman such as Shu and Tefnut?

Ausar and Auset Ra Hetheru