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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflection on Lesson 3
Kmt had temples and spread to Asia minor to India since the pre-dynastic period, then took control again of those areas because of attacks in hope and in quest to spread peace and the teachings of Maat to stop attacks and violence caused by greed. You have mentioned that they were also attacked in the pre-dynastic period by people from the north like Siberia and Georgia. Did that cause the Kemetians to return to their essential lands (Kemet, Nubia) because they refuse to engage in violence and fighting? Or was there another reason, like not being able to subdue and civilize them (defeat)?

They were spiritually powerful and advanced to an extravagant degree. Their mysteries, like the pyramids, scientific knowledge, invention of natural electricity speak of that. Which comes down to my question: Since Kemet had such a high consciousness, these groups of greed and delusion that attacked them seem like ants intellectually and spiritually in comparison. I hear that they had to physically fight the attackers and form armies. You mentioned once a Kemetic parable, older than the biblical story of parting seas, about a priest parting the Nile waters to find a jewel that has fallen, which shows they had that knowledge and power. Therefore, I wonder why there was not a more advanced method to cause these people to not come anywhere near harming Kemet with the help of the Neteru? Without stooping down to their low level of bloodshed and violence?

Is your Karmic Basis relevant only in this life or from your past life too? Is your values and ethics based on karmic basis of your past lives too? I have witnessed that values, ethics, and interests are stronger from the karmic basis/pastlife personality than from the upbringing and societal/family influences.

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