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Zvenia Yaakoub, Lesson 2
My apologies for exceeding 400 words, I am thirsty for answers.
It was mentioned that mainly colonization and colonies led to the downfall of Kemet; however, I did not understand if it started in New Kingdom too. I, for some reason, have bad feeling about Cleopatra; was she not a “true” Kemetian? Was she corrupt/setian/unwise? “Another cause of downfall is forgetfulness of Maat/truth”… but by Kemetians? Or is it mainly the colonizers who caused the chaos and the adoption of their ways/culture by force?
Where could I find full lecture series of this class, and not just chosen parts? The quote was very blurry could it please be re-mentioned?
Here is my perception rooted deeply in my mind and feelings. Sebai Maa and Dja, please let me know if you think it is extreme, or not completely true in terms of the history before new kingdom:
A student in the video mentioned that he cannot imagine a civilization that existed without greed/racism. I can and always have of Kemet. The brief spiritual connection and warmth I have felt when I was 7 years old by looking at little Kemetian ornaments and how all that came back to me at19, induced intuition that they were Harmony. I feel that to the extent that If I had the ability to visit Ancient Kemet through the memories of the mind, I would imagine it as a heaven on earth, as if I was transported into higher realm in my afterlife. It would feel like a completely different planet. And that’s primarily why I’m thankful I have found you to start connecting this life-saving intuition finally with knowledge and why I have always struggled with authors and let down the idea of me studying Egyptology.
So, “evil serves the good”… I feel that is not always necessary. I understand this quote only that it exists for the purpose of wisdom, (hence Set) and realizing the love of Amun-Ra-Ptah. I don’t think ancients were easily/had to be drawn by setianism to discover higher truth. I feel in such an extremely ancient time where the world was still like a “newborn baby”, it was simply natural..essential purpose/why we have consciousness. I feel spirituality is an endless journey of discovery, the knowledge/the beauty is interminable, that priesthood councils and even skilled workers always had something to do/discover/create/tune to, it is an onward mission that could expand to the afterlife. And that all the everyday activities of “common folks” like farming was a joyful/metaphysical/religious activity with music/chanting. So please inform me if you find a fault in my perception. A big mystery will remain unanswered. Why did we become so primitive? Why did it even happen that people let their inner Set take charge? Is it really just us as a planet in this vast universe? How strange of a coincidence… is it even a coincidence..and that is only the questions within the scope of this lesson.
Why weren’t the common folks educated? It sounds unfair, wouldn’t it deprive them of opportunity? Did they at least have knowledge of the basics? What if the farmer child had the potential to be pharoah/had a natural talent for advanced forms of art? Is it true that the children took on the role of whatever their parents were in society?
If pre-dynastic Kemet stretched farther than northeast Africa, how did different civilizations/nations form? Was it because Kemet eventually stayed back in Africa?
What was the need for polegamy to form treaties? Couldn’t there just be interactions and exchanges (i.e trade like with Phoenicians and even education like with the Greeks)?