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Zvenia Yaakoub
Reflections on Lesson1
Video1: A book I found unique (in the sense of the topic it covers) and appreciated is “Collapse of Civilization”. Much needed preparation-guide for this period of time. I live in a giant mental institution; a lot of spiritual detoxifications are needed.
A beautiful highlight about Nehast: an enlightened being is independent of anything to feel love or happiness. An enlightened being is Love, Happiness;a being of genuine purity, shining gold. A step to reach Nehast is switching from things of the world that make me “happy” to a passion for wisdom teachings, meditation; all that is nutritious for your spirit. Physical – mythological – meditative sessions.
Video2: What blew me away is “all roads lead to Kemet”. I thought that was because they were the most advanced and civilized, no idea that they stretched to the Ganges River. I had no idea how old the HorMAkhet is + the temple surrounding it.
It shunned a Setian thinking: Although I come from an Arab country, I had a racist view towards white people despite the knowledge that we are all one..cultural shocks/bad experiences, but mainly because of the colonial history and its effect on our present-day system. We are all children of Africa (not only of Ra), but are just segregated by delusions and cultures.
I thus enjoyed this video alot. I felt thankful for Kemet University, facilitating my path towards Maat and Nehast by being guided by priests. It is one thing to read books and another thing to have answers to your questions. The fact I was very entertained watching the videos straight till 2 am (I have never stayed up late at night on something informative) implied to me that I am a big step forward from where I was. It is becoming a passion. The subconscious effects of worship are making me lift myself up, discipline myself, enjoying solitude. Increase of knowledge is a humbling experience.

Video3: It laid the foundations of ego. SAA: intellect + feeling = Genuineness; those who know and who wholeheartedly feel. Comforting to know my knowledge gap will be filled, all those strong feelings/connections I have felt for Kemet and space will unite with knowledge and I will form Saa. (don’t want to exceed 400 words)
Question: Most of my questions are outside the scope of this lesson. Would it be appropriate to send them to or is there a chat meeting designed for that? Will the metaphysical/mystical significance of the Great Year and astronomy be expanded on?

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