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List the important points covered in the Webinar Lecture

Ra as Neterty (Dual divinity)

Emotional-psychological maturity is important for understand the various subtle aspects of the teachings and being able to apply them.

Sebai Maa’s story of a teacher saying “ignorance is not an excuse”, Sebai saying it is an explanation not an excuse. I appreciate this point because this is most important in the spiritual context where the human mind has a lot of ignorance and when aspiring spiritually this ignorance has to be confronted. Ignorance is not an excuse and enlightenment can’t be attained with the excuse of ignorance.

An important aspect of studying a text is the search for deeper meaning in text by looking at how words are used.

The spiritual search is one being led to know the divinity. This relates to a reflection I had recently on the difference between an idea of something and knowing it. In the practice of spirituality this means the difference between an idea of the divine and the purpose of aspiring to directly know the divine.

The name of Ra is unknown because it is so subtle it pervades everything in time-space and mind including higher and lower planes of existence. The creator is more subtle than creation, and in the aspect of Neterty it is more subtle than its form as creator (Ra).

The difference between the lower mysteries and higher mysteries is that the lower mysteries (PHD knowledge of science, religion, human life, etc) is not Saa. Saa is involved in the higher mysteries of direct experience and spiritual transformation.
Aset reflecting with Khak-Ab, a repudiating heart, disgust with life as a human being. Sebai details the wonderous aspect of being a human and time-space as well as the problem of life in time-space. The problem comes in with believing time and space is real and abiding which atrophies higher awareness and wisdom. This creates the problem of egoism and leads people to live by a personal rather than a universal truth, led by feeling rather than truth.

The reason to have more aryu or less is to feel that the aryu is real and belongs to you. This is what weighs you down. Aryu is cleansed by Maat which means practicing acting thinking and feeling by truth. The aryu is actually on the surface of your being but through the ego it seems to be all of what you are and you believe it to be real and this is what makes it real and binding. The true cause of failure is to not transform the aryu even when you have learned and can expound many things, and this lack of transforming the aryu keeps you from the true attainment of spiritual transformation.

The experiences of life have no real meaning. I believe this. I think after we pass this life is left and moved on from as quickly as we leave a dream and whether the experiences of worldly life was prosperous or challenging is irrelevant, what matters is the degree which a person can purify and wake up.

Read the text covered in this lesson and answer which hieroglyphic term covered in this lesson was most captivating to you personally and why?

I am captivating by the terms Netery and Khak-Ab

Neterty: A creator that is creator of itself and time and space. A divinity possessing dual consciousness, possessing two eyes of Heru and Ra (moon and sun) ie; time-space and transcendental, relative and absolute, physical and non-physical. This is something I am reflecting on as I relate to the images and forms of Ra in the teaching and in my normal day (the sun and forms of creation). It is also interesting to me that the Nun (primordial ocean, undiffereentiated consciousness) is also a creation of the dual divinity which created itself and creation.

What teaching(s) did you learn in this lesson do you need to reflect on more or start to apply or work more diligently on implementing on your personality, mentally, emotionally, metaphysically, or otherwise to emulate human Lady Aset on her path?

I can more work on understanding and practicing Khak-Ab. This is where Aset’s reflection began, she reflected with a heart of Khak-Ab to time and space and human life rather than reflecting with a heart of attachment to human life and time and space. This turning away from worldly problems and goals in my spiritual practice would really help create a more arrow-like focus on the goal of spiritual awakening and purifying aryu, rather than also trying to understand and resolve issues in time-space which is frustrating and a wasted pursuit.

A big question that came up for me is with footnote 19. Sebai Maa said “ The term Khak Ab is another name for Apep” (?) and the other usages of the term relate to forms of Apep. I do not understand this correlation between Khak-Ab and Apep.

Dua Aset, Dua sebai maa Dua Seba Dja Htp