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Lesson 4:


Towards the last part of the Lecture there was a discussion about the different races that were about such as the Indians, Asians, and Polynesians. How did all these races come into existence? If all Human beings or if the first human being came out of Africa would not that Human have to have the necessary features and pigmentation to cooperate with the climate and temperature in that environment? Because somebody with a whiter pigmentation would get sunburn which is the sun burning up one’s skin. And I have heard that they said the Africans that migrated to colder climates their features and skin colour began to change and adapt to the weather, but that does not really resonate with me that well as a suitable answer. I also did some research on the Mitochondrial Eve gene that is ONLY in the black woman, and with that gene all these other races stem from which leads me to my other point. I have read a book about how this Person called Jakob or Yakup got involved in DNA manipulation and somehow found out a way to destroy the pigmentation or Melanin in one’s skin. So, my question really is from where did all these other races come from?