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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 1 Audio Assignment: An Evening w/ Sebai Maa and Seba Dja Why is Shetaut Neter Important-Show 3576833.mp3

Main Teaching in the Lecture
Spiritual search in life – people are searching for a fulfillment that only spiritually can give them. Shetaut Neter is not the only path, but it is an authentic spiritual path for transcendental, lasting fulfillment. Only that which is true is lasting. Happiness in the world of time and space is pain disguised as pleasure. Shetaut Neter is a holistic system, an integral approach that integrates the whole personality and effectively allows people to obtain abiding peace in a balanced way.
Aset – Intellect and Wisdom
Asar – The Soul
Nebehet – Desire to be a human being and physical experiences
Set – Ego Structure
Heru – The Dawning of Spiritual Aspiration, the path by which we practice shedy

It is important to purify all 4 aspects of the personality. Egoism is a dis-ease of the world. Shedy disciplines give us a tool to encounter the world, to deal with the world, and find a way to find happiness and peace while living in the world. Loose attachment and gain detachment. Detaching from the recognition of others as egoistic personalities. Attaching to the recognition of the divine aspects in others. Focus on the divine essence of others and become detached from the situation. Maat Ari – you have peace and confidence that you did the best you could in the situation regardless of the outcome. You can not rely on the state, television, or the education system to raise your children. This is a post-industrial society where finance and service are the main industries.

Your aryu impels and compels you to do certain actions. When it comes time for your soul to be judged, your aryu bears witness. By that judgement, you are sent on the way to the next thing that your soul created. You create your destiny, and what you have created becomes your fate.

Are you currently implementing the teaching given in the book and the lecture? If so, which one(s)
I am currently implementing some of the teachings in the lecture. Khunum Nefer with the Kemetic Diet Study Group has helped me to transition to a vegan Kemetic diet. This transition has been very beneficial for many aspects of my life and health. The devotional services and various Kemetic study groups have helped me learn more about this path for spiritual enlightenment and have inspired me to read more of Sebai Maa’s books and study more on my own. I am working Maat Ari on a daily basis as I am a single mom (and homeschool) and have lots of opportunities to practice self-less service during this stage in my life where my children need me a lot. It has been tough setting aside more time for my own study and meditation and having the perspective of Maat Ari while taking time to do bliss breath meditations throughout a tough day has helped me feel like I am making progress.

If not, then how will you implement the teachings you are not currently practicing, in your life and spiritual practice?
The teachings I want to implement more are regular formal meditation and following the daily devotional program. I can start to do this by incorporating my children in the rituals and making it a family culture/routine. I need to finish setting up my alter in a way that is comfortable and inspiring. I feel that once I set my daily routine around a devotional practice, I will feel like I have more sovereignty over my day and where I want to go in life.