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Level 1 Lesson 15 Video Assignment

Answers to general questions

People from the western hemisphere have associated yoga with India and not in Africa (Ancient Egypt). Most of the Indian people reject the fact that yoga actually originated in ancient Egypt.

Swami Sivananda Radha wrote the book “Hatha Yoga- The Hidden Language”, which contains the poses and the mythical meaning of each posture. Thus Hatha Yoga is equal to Sema Tawi.

An Indian writer, Ajit Mookerjee acknowledges Tantric Philosopy and the existence of Sema Tawi (Egyptian Yoga). Early Buddhism is thought to have been associated with Memphis in ancient Egypt. This shows that Indian Yoga must have originated from the ancient Egyptians.

Set- Set doesn’t have any Temples in ancient Egypt. This was possibly to do with the Hyksos invading Egypt. The Hyksos had Set as their patron God in the late period.
Set represents the ego of a person, that is besieged with ignorance. It represents the lower forces or negative forces. This does not mean that Set represents evil, as evil does not exist in Neterian Culture.

Trinity of Amun-Ra-Ptah
Amun-Ra-Ptah as a trinity refers to three states of consciousness, and that which transcends them. Amun, the self, is the hidden essence of all things. The sun Ra, is the radiant and dynamic outward appearance made manifest in the light of cosmic consciousness. In this aspect, Ptah represents the physical world, the solidification of states of consciousness (Amun) made manifest.

Issues of Aspiration
Many humans are attracted to the teachings of ancient Kemet, but not all will give it their everything. Some may belong to other faiths. If their faith had everything they believed in, then why would they need to find other information from the Neterian religion. They want to hold on to their egoistical desires, which will delay their spiritual progress. There are traditions who like to claim to originate from ancient Egypt, for example the freemasons, but they do not follow the teachings. We need to be careful with people like this to avoid being deluded by our egoistical desires.