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Reading Assignment Level 1 Lesson 15wt Pages 23-34

Who is Shetai?
Shetai is the hidden God, incomprehensible God, mysterious one, secret one. Amun signifies the hidden one.

Yoga in Ancient Egypt? The term Sheti is the spiritual discipline or program to promote spiritual evolution that was in Ancient Egypt.

What is Egyptian Yoga? The term Smai Taui (Sema Tawi) or Smai Heru-Set are Ancient Egyptian words which are to be translated as Egyptian Yoga.

What is the path of nature and in light of that, how should a spiritual aspirant think about their spiritual path?
The path of nature portrays the usual path of the soul after initially conceiving itself as being separated from the universe, to return to it’s origin. This process is called evolution of the soul. The individual goes through a cycle of re-incarnations, during this time developing consciousness as being a separate entity, not knowing why one is being driven towards eternal bliss, until the realisation of the illusion of materialism and worldly circumstances to attain that abiding bliss. Then one will gradually turn away from worldly desires as the potential source of internal happiness to seek within and reunite with the divine self. At the end of this evolution, the soul will have regained awareness of unity with the transcendental spirit, while still retaining enhanced consciousness. However, in the normal course of soul evolution this process can take millions of years to complete. Sages in Ancient Kemet discovered the possibility of the soul to regain awareness of the transcendental spirit, hence shortcutting the the process of normal evolution. In Ancient Egypt, they had a set of techniques and practices that are in the Prt m Heru, also known as the spiritual path. The aspirant following this path should think of it as an authentic and proven way to achieve enlightenment.

The Qualities of an Aspirant? An Aspirant must have the primary interest in advancing spiritually.

What pushes the Aspirant to become “super normal”?
Yoga pushes the Aspirant to rise beyond their current level of so called “normal” mental conditioning to conquer anger, hatred, greed, impatience, sadness, discontent and the improper use of words within him/herself.

Qualification of an Aspirant? One who is ready to learn Yoga must have a positive frame of mind.