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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 12 Insight into Integral Shedy by Seba Dja

Main Themes
Integral shedy is the path to lasting happiness.

Aspects of the Personal: Mind, Emotions, Action, Will

Every aspect of the human personality needs to be disciplined

Who Am I? What is my Essential Nature? I am the Divine Self. My true essence is the Asar.

The Metaphor of the Sky – Goddess Nut. The blue sky represents Goddess Nut, which represents your higher self. Abiding happiness comes from the higher self. What are you depending on to be happy? Answering these questions points to conditional happiness…doing things to be happy. Instead of framing life’s circumstances in terms of “good things happening to me” and “bad things happening to me”, we can frame them in terms of times of prosperity and times of adversity. Prosperity vs. Adversity perspective helps us have a yogic experience through challenging times. Your first duty to life is to Know Yourself – reflecting on who I am and what my purpose in life is.

3 Paths of Adversity:
1. Softens You- you develop self-compassion, gentleness and learn not to be led by your feelings
2. Hardens You – you act with revenge
3. Numbs You – depression, addiction to medications and alcohol to numb the pain

Integral Shedy – highs and lows are just the facts of life and helps us discover what is beneath the highs and the lows.

Prosperity: Reflect, appreciate things that are going well, intensify shedy, intensify good association

Times of Adversity: Reflect to figure out what you need to do in the situation that is in line with the spiritual evolution. What lessons need to be learned, practice applying the teachings (practice makes perfect), see adversity as an opportunity to apply the concepts learned.

Karma is just lessons that come back up until you approach the lesson with spiritual understanding. The ego creates a cloud of misunderstanding between you and your higher self. States of egoism: Dull, Agitated, Lucid. When agitated, you can chant to get to a lucid state. Identify with your higher self rather than your mind (ego). Set your soul above everything else. Planet Earth is a School for Spiritual Evolution. You can change the world by changing yourself. Devotion and meditation helps purify the agitated states.

Neurotransmitters – Serotonin, GABA, Endorphin, Oxytocin, Dopamine, Endocannabinoid are balanced in the mind through integral shedy. Integral shedy and is another path of neurological healing separate from the path of chemical dependency and addiction.

This practice is yoga science and you will get the desired results when practice the science.

Theme I Felt Was Most Important
The theme I felt was most important was the explanation of the roller coaster of emotions. Growing up, I stayed on the bottom of the roller coaster so that I would not be disappointed. This led to mindset of hopelessness, depression, and despair for me.

The waves of prosperity and adversity reminds me of high tide & low tide for the ocean. In low tide tide (prosperity), gather the shells of spiritual knowledge work to intensify shedy, in high tide (adversity) there may or may not be anything you can do, so instead reflect, plan, relax and enjoy the view until divine guidance and divine inspiration comes. I appreciate the new way of thinking to intensify shedy in times of prosperity. During times of adversity (especially more recently) I have found it harder for me to concentrate on intensifying shedy practice. It has been easier for me to focus on the basics of shedy practice (i.e. attend temple services, 4 minute Aset meditation, taking a break in the day to breathe, taking a break in the day to recite the healing chant). That along with Maat Ari has helped me feel more grounded and positive and hopeful instead of falling into despair and passing judgement on myself for not meeting my more intense spiritual aspiration goals in the moment. I am starting to be gentler with myself and extend more self-compassion to myself. And when times of prosperity come, I can appreciate the break from adversity more and I also have more focused attention on concentrating my shedy practice on what I need for my spiritual evolution (based on what came up during times of adversity).

Nuk Nut
I am the sky
I watch the clouds go by
They don’t cling to me
Because I am free

Where can I find a compilation of the proverbs/teachings of Sage Amenomope?