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Kemet 101-Lesson 2
Barbara Crutcher

During the periods of old, middle, and new kingdoms which consisted of thousands of years each came a breakdown in the order of society due to forgetfulness of ethics and morality. In other words forgetfulness of living by truth and righteousness.

When people elevate themselves economically, politically, and socially, morality declines leading to gradual deterioration. As society began to implode, spiritual awareness began to wane. There were no foreign adversaries and nothing to test our resolve or desire to uphold culture and civilization, therefore, greed and pleasure seeking entered in and moral degradation took control. Because of this tendency, we need never say that evil should not exist. Without challenges in life there would be
no interest beyond the material world.

The final downfall leading to the dark ages in Egypt began when the Christian
religion came in and Europe began to impose orthodox religion on humanity and close the
temples. The temples were the point where education, social, political and religious
teachings revolved. All education was governed by the temples. An individual entered
the temple at the age of 5. From 5-10 years of age, agriculture and finance was taught.
From 10 to 20 years of age, apprenticeship was taught leading to a trade. If one wished
to be a Priestess or Priest, they began at the age of 20 and continued for 7-10 years
which was the 1st level and 2 was an additional 4 years.

Albert Schweitzer as a missionary doctor in Africa had occasion to experience the misery on Africans due to the colonial system. He notes that the downfall of society
is also attributed to the inability to love and care in a civilization. This downfall
develops when it is not managed or ceases to be managed by leaders with the capacity
to care for others and be compassionate to others. He states that any society that
does not have such leaders will be bent on greed, power, and pleasure seeking as
opposed to human and ethical issues. Such a society will be eventually doomed to
self-destruction because this way of life promotes degraded culture and selfishness
instead of respect for life. Such conditions leads to vice, violence, mistrust and
hatred leading to war, disease, poverty and suffering. The well being of a society
is dependent on a philosophy based on reverence and compassion for all forms of life.