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Level 1, Lesson 2, video assignment; Intro to SN short part 2b.mp4

List the important themes presented

Types of devotional worship:
Public worship takes places in the outer part of the Temple and is performed by a Priest or Priestess.

Private worship takes place in the home of the aspirant in a designated area, for study, meditation, rituals and offerings.

The Judgment of Ma’at
The different levels were discussed by Sebai Maa. The 42 Precepts of Ma’at are guidelines for us aspirants to follow and live by. We should reflect on these and by doing so gain intuitive wisdom.
When it is time for the Judgment of Ma’at the heart is weighed… if the heart is heavier than the feather of Ma’at, suffering will be experienced before reincarnation. If the heart is lighter than the feather of Ma’at, then serving Asar is the outcome.
But if the heart weighs lighter than the feather of Ma’at, then ultimately spending eternity with Asar is what will happen.

The first known meditation system was the Glorious Light meditation, and was discovered in the tomb of Sage Seti I in ancient Kemet.

Disciplines of postures
The postures have five phases:
Earth phase
Transition phase with animals and elements
Higher Self
Establish Self in Higher Self Teaching

Integral Practice
It was emphasised by Sebai Maa that there must be an integral practice, incorporating all the different aspects to develop our mind, spirit and body. These aspects consist of meditation, postures, lectures and teachings.

Wisdom is learned from the teachings by allowing your intellect to develop and purify. This is occurred through listening, reflecting and meditating.

The Preceptor
Trusting your Preceptor is essential. You must put into practice everything that you are taught. Letting go of one’s ego must be achieved before engaging with your Preceptor.

Explain what impressed you most in the presentation
Since beginning this course I have been thinking a great deal about the philosophy of Ma’at, but it really took hold of me when Sebai Maa was discussing the weighing of the heart. I do worry a lot, and have been on my own for quite a few years now. I do still desire to meet that special person and have focused a great deal on it in the past.
Because of the above issues, my heart would most likely be heavier than the feather of Ma’at.
Before hearing the presentation, I thought myself to be a righteous person, but this has made realise that I have a lot to learn. Even at such an early stage, the teachings are beginning to lead me to a righteous and fulfilling spiritual path.


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