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I am currently watching the videos on Kemetic diet wisdom and I have a few questions:

1- What is the definition of processed foods? For example if one pounds sesame seeds at home and makes it flour is the flour processed food?
2- What is the approach to determining foods that are fir for humans locally? For example I work towards eating locally produced vegetables, fruits and cereals. I am from Mozambique and here there are various types of cereals but we do not grow oats nor quinoa, at least not that i have coe across. But we grow “mexoeira” – name in portuguese (Pennisetum glaucum in english) and “mapira” (sorgum in english) and marrupi (finger millet) and others.
3- Is there any rule on food combining? I understand that fruits must be eaten alone and that they should not be mixed with vegetables. How do I approach food combination? What to eat with what, when and how?
4- My daughter is two years old and I am still breastfeeding her. My typical day i fruits in the morning, mainly juice and then some smoothies such as banana and strawberry and only for lunch I eat some cooked vegetables/ green salad/ beans. For her, I follow a similar diet but may include some cereal porridge in the morning cooked in coconut milk. is this fine? What is the diet for children? What are the best foods for them?

Much gratitude