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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 10 – Part I&II – Introduction to Shetaut Neter by Seba Dja – 2008 Neterian Conference – Perspectives on Shetaut Neter Ancient Egyptian Religion

Main Themes
Where is Kemit? Kemit is in the sacred spaces that we create to live out the teachings. Why do we need sacred spaces? When humans become involved in the world, they forget their true nature. Proverb: and women are gods. Our true nature is divine.

Blood + Beer + Mandrake = Magic Potion described in the Glorious Light Meditation (GLM) story

This GLM related to the Goddess Hetheru. Hetheru forgets her true nature. She is the right eye of Ra. She had fallen into such depths of degradation that she tried to kill her brother who tried to take her home. This story relates to us in a very powerful way. The magical potion/formula restored Goddess Hetheru and allowed Lord Djehuti to be able to heal her and restore her to her true essence and bring her back to her rightful place.

Setjert = Blood + Beer + Mandrake –> process that leads to enlightenment

Blood = intoxication with worldly desire, egoism, I am the body (flesh and blood), eating flesh/body/meat

Beer = intoxication with worldly pleasure, engaging in various actions with time and space (i.e. if I do this thing, somehow I will be happy as a result of doing it), seeking pleasure in the world of time and space, symbolizes ignorance

Mandrake = “God Stuff”, intoxication with the bau (the souls of Ra), full of light, enlightened Heru

Come as you are, and a little bit of the mandrake is put into you and infuses into your world. The light, enlightenment, the souls of Ra will start to expand within you – within your consciousness and basically explode and destroy your egoism so that all you become is that Light.

The temple was created as a place where the pressures of the world could be relieved. At the temple you could have an association with the Divinity. “If your only reality is an illusion then that illusion becomes your reality.” The UAA allows you to have a transcendental experience to break away from the ties of the world and the worldly reality/illusion.

Iconography- Aset nurturing Heru – symbolizes Aset giving Heru intuitional wisdom. Intuitional wisdom is the experience that comes from being enlightened.

The temple is needed for healing to occur. Ultimately you are the eye of Ra that needs to be healed and restored. This is why you need the sacred place.

Shetaut Neter – We are a Kemitian African Religion. Ancient Egypt. The Egypt of current days is not the Egypt of Ancient times. The religion that is currently practiced in Egypt (Islam) is not the religion that was practiced in ancient times. The term Shetaut Neter is found in medu neter, in the writings of ancient Kemet. Shetaut Neter is the earliest documented (written) African term for “Religion”. Egyptian Mysteries= Lower Mysteries (Math, Science, Etc) and Higher Mysteries (Spiritual Enlightenment, Nehast).

Three Stages of Religion: 1. Myth, 2. Ritual, 3. Mysticism

Nubians and Kamitans look the same. Kamitians were black African people. Let us Reclaim Neterian African philosophy culture, spirituality and civilization.

Shetaut Neter was the first religion. It has influenced all other major world religions. Just because Shetaut Neter has influenced other religions, does not mean that other religions Shetaut Neter is like other religions.

The teachings of Shetaut Neter is a universal reaching. If we want to redeem African culture, we need to pray to our African Gods and Goddesses without apology – John Henrick Clark. Create your own sacred space where you can practice your African religion without apology.

Possession is not the same as mysticism.

Lord Kephri is the founder of Neterianism. Shetaut Neter has a divine lineage. You are a part of the divine lineage of Shetaut Neter. You are linked by the Sekhem (the Life Force Energy) to the Divine. Everyone is linked to the Divine in that way.

There is a balance of male and female in the Shetaut Neter tradition. There is an equality between males and females.
Assarian Resurrection story is the most important myth in Shetaut Neter.

Four Great Truths of Shetaut Neter – summarizes everything we believe as Neterians

Searching for ourselves in the world is the pursuit of an illusion.
How to rise above trouble even when going through trouble – obtain spiritual enlightenment.

The Great Awakening – Nehast
Meditation Systems:
– Meditation on the Subtle Life Force
– Meditation on the Righteous Action
– Meditation on the I am
– Meditation on the Glorious Light
– Meditation on the Wisdom Teaching
– Meditation on the Tree of Life

You can pick a meditation system that works best for you based on your personality and explore any other practices in the tradition without any contradiction. Each meditation system is based on ancient Kemetian scriptures.

To be successful the legacy of the ancestors needs to be practiced and lived, not just studied and revered.

Spiritual progress is a gradual process.

Nuk pu Nuk Asar Neter – “I am that I am” (Asar the Divinity)

Theme I Felt Was Most Important
I am the eye of Ra to be restored, I am Hetheru. When I follow the process that leads to enlightenment (laid out by Lord Djehuty), I will be healed and restored to my true essence.

Setjert, the process that leads to enlightenment consists of the formula of blood + beer + mandrake. Does this mean we need intoxication with worldly desire (blood) and intoxication with worldly pleasure (beer) to become enlightened? Or is the main part of the formula the mandrake (intoxication with the souls of Ra). Without the mandrake the formula is just normal human existence, but with the mandrake the formula is transformed to enlightenment?