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Ab Setna

For month of August 2021:
“How happy are they (Priest and priestesses) who celebrate your majesty, oh Great God and who do not cease serving your Temple! Those priests and priestesses who elevate Your power, exalt your grandeur and fill their heart with you…!!”
In this reading, the 3 points that I would like to share on are, The dating of the Sphinx, The importance of Kamitan Religion and Philosophy to the world and The Lineage of the Teaching.
The (correct) dating of the Herumakhet (Sphinx) which was scientifically done using seismographic tests in the last 40 years or so, has shed new light on its anciency and its origins. This is significant because it not only re-establishes the correct timeline of our heritage, but indicates a presence of high culture in Kemet, as well as the most ancient of symbols dedicated to religion in our present history. We have heard of all different stories of how this structure was built, however they do not hold up, because of the overwhelming evidence to show that the style of building was not relegated to the sphinx alone, but the surrounding architecture as well. And the water damage was consistent on all surrounding structures.
Secondly, the Importance of Kamitan religion and philosophy, for us as practicing Hemu, it is important to know what we are standing on. This priceless gift that has been given to us. If I can quote directly from the book (EM3)….”Those who tread the path of Hem, must do so with the purpose of attaining Self-knowledge first and foremost and secondly to elevate humanity by their example and good works”. This appeals to my personality, because of the impetus on being able to serve.
Enough cant be said about the impact of Kamitan religion and philosophy on the world’s religions to name a few, Christianity, Judaism, Islam and Hinduism. This practical knowledge is important, because it reconfigures the circuitry of the mind/brain complex and so one’s state of receiving information is more conducive, palliative and supportive of a higher truth.
Thirdly and significantly, the Lineage of the Teaching. Without this question being asked and the answer that comes with it, we as Hemu wouldn’t be standing on our perfect square. It would be like reaching for a goal, but with no idea of where we are or where we came from, what brought us here. Contained within the lineage of the teachings is our historical and mythological origins. The teachings which was founded by Lord Khepri in his role as Creator, who shared it with his first disciple, Lord Djehuty. He then imparted it to Lady Hetheru, Asar and Aset, who passed it down to the Priest and Priestesses, which was then inherited by Sebai Maa and Sba Dja who are now passing it down to us.
In closing, EM3 (and EY1) is/are the books(s) with the most tattered pages. Although it is the most read, this exercise allowed me to see the writings in a different light, as if in a starting out stage, but with a more refined nuance and encouraged insight!
Dua Lord Khepri! Dua Lord Djehuty! Dua Asar, Aset, Hru! Sebai MAA, Sba Dja, Hmu!!!
Setna Nebi Ra