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Lesson 1, Level 1 Video Assignment – Intro to SN Short Part lb.mp4

List the important themes presented

Greater understanding of what Neterian spirituality is
Ancient religion of Africa
The organisation and what it means
The importance of being a righteous student
What is Shetaut Neter?
Shemsu Neter
Cosmic forces
Understanding the images of the divine
Who was the founder of Neterianism?
The purpose of life
The three stages of religion
The Resurrection Myth
The Great Awakening
Sacred scriptures of Shetaut Neter
The Four Great Truths
Sema Tawi
Shedy Disciplines
Kemetic diet, postures and initiation into Egyptian Yoga
Daily observances of Shemsu Neter

Explain what impressed you most in the presentation

The most impressive part to me is how the Myths were engraved in hieroglyphs on the temple walls thousands of years ago, and how here we are in 2021 and the religion of Shetaut Neter is still strong.