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Lesson 1, Level 1 Audio Assignment GS12 – An Evening with Sebai Maa and Seba Dja – Why in Shetaut Neter Important Show_3576833

The main teachings are the teachings of Shetaut Neter in the Temple of Aset. These teachings will lead to fulfilment of a spiritual nature. This authentic spiritual path leads to spiritual evolution.
Shetaut Neter teaches the goal of life, which leads to wisdom and ultimately nehast (enlightenment).
The happiness that is developed is a happiness that will stay with you through both the ups and the downs of life, maintaining peace and balance.
Shetaut Neter is a holistic practice involving the mind, body and dietary requirement (vegetarianism), selfless actions and an ethical way of living life (Ma’at). Over time the personality is purified in order for the higher self to become ready for wisdom and intellect. This is achieved by practicing the Shedy Disciplines. It is vital to practice these Disciplines and worship on a daily basis.
The practice of Shetaut Neter can be challenging however, constantly being challenged by egoistical human beings, those who choose ignorance over wisdom.
Agitation has to be dismissed from the mind, thus harmonising the ego. It is recommended to detach from materialistic people and objects and to recognise the divine in others.

I have started watching the worship videos and participating as much as I possibly can. I live my live as virtuously as possible, and aim to grow within the Ma’at principles.
I study the teachings daily, and implementing them into my life.
I do try to see the divine in other human beings, but it is definitely challenging.
I am now on a vegetarian diet, hoping to eventually be 100% vegan and incorporating a raw green diet.

Something very important that I need to focus on is adjusting my lifestyle to fit in more worship on a daily basis. This can be difficult sometimes as I have a little boy with autism.
I am increasing my medication practices, although they are only for a short while currently, and also practicing my breathing daily.
I must learn the yoga postures to improve my spiritual being, this will be a challenge due to having spinal damage, but if I do it carefully and slowly I will achieve my aims.