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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 8 – Introduction to Neterianism

Major Themes
Asar led a colony from the south up to North East Africa and traveled farther into India (Nysa). Kamut & Kush – Kaash: black land of the south, Kamit – black land of the North.

Shetaut Neter – ancient term for Neterian religion. In existence as a fully developed spiritual system by 10,000 BC

The Neterian culture existed as early as 8000/10,000BC

Pyramids not made with cement – made from other materials made with organic compounds that can be dated. In the early 1800’s, early Egyptologists were saying the history was much older- in the 19th century European Egyptologists began to bring that date down. All the history books around the world need to be changed to reflect the new irrefutable scientific evidence.

The Egypt of Hollywood – The Ancient Egypt of Late History – Romans took over Egypt after the Greeks, current rulers of Egypt are the Arabs (were not ancient Egyptians)
The Egypt of Christianity – Egyptians are evil people and enslaved Jews to build pyramids and temples. This is a lie and impossible to be the case because pyramids were built before Jews were in Egypt and there is evidence that Egyptians built their own Pyramids.

Who and what were the Ancient Egyptians? Nubans and Egyptians have the same hue of skin. Check out the book The Black Ancient Egyptians by Sebai Maa. Size of person in iconography depict their importance in society. Egyptologists are willing to admit that Ancient Egyptians were Africans, but not black Africans, despite the evidence.
If you don’t have a conscious about death, how can you live your life…when death comes, you will be surprised. “Searching for one’s self in the world is the pursuit of an illusion.” ~ Ancient Egyptian Proverb. How does one find abiding happiness? Happiness that is not dependent on love affairs, children, your health, your material goods, your job? “…use well thy mind and sorrow will be passed behind you…be prudent and the visits of joy will remain long with you.” -Ancient Egyptian Proverb. The key to abiding happiness is in your mind, by having your mind directed correctly about the world. Your mind is your cause of grief, sorrow, and unhappiness. You can never be really happy in the world because the world is constantly changing. This is the reality of life. Are we going to be spending more time in death than in life? We need to live our lives purposefully and not chasing the illusion of the world. Song: “Ball of Confusion” by The Temptations

The reason for the confusion in the world is because the world does not follow the path of truth, the path of righteousness, the path of Maat.

The three stages of religion: (1) Myth-how we convey the story of a religion, (2) Ritual-practice a ceremony related to that myth and reinforces the experience of the philosophy, you become a Shems or Shemsu: follower of Shetaut Neter (3) Mystical.
Problem with Western Religion – does not have the three stages of religion only the first 2 (myth and ritual)

In Gnostic Christianity Judas represents agency to the death of the ego for the aspirant.

The Difference Between Who and What – who is the essence of the personality and what is the manifestation. The Who is the spirit (we are spirit) and the What is the particular conditioning that a personality has (i.e. social conditioning). You are led to your particular experience by your ari (sp?) – Indians call that Karma.

Who is the founder of Neterianism? Kheperi – means creator. He came into an ocean – he lays himself in the ocean and directs the ocean to move, which creates waves. He creates a boat and pushes up to the surface of the primaeval waters. The boat sails and creates waves which facilitated creation. Five Heads of the Serpents – Multiplicity. Kheperi is the sun in the morning – daily creation and the original creation. We are all made of the stuff of the primaeval ocean. This spirit causes the creation to create its form. The forms dissolve and go back to its undifferentiated shape.

The divinities on the boat form a company of Gods and Goddess. There are 3 main traditions of Ancient Egyptian Religion:
1. Anunian Theology (3-Fold Ra)
a. Kheperi – Creation Period
b. Ra Herati– Sustaining Period
c. Tem – Dissolved
The 3-fold Ra gives rise to 9000 gods and goddesses

Nehast – mediation state of being an enlightened being

Neberdjer – All Encompassing Supreme Spirit – gives rise to Amun, Ra and Ptah. Ra is one of the 3. Ra is single but he has 3 forms because he has 3 functions. Ra was the first.

2. Amun Tradition – Amun Mut and Khonsu
3. Ptah Tradition (Memphite Tradition) – Ptah Sekhemet and Nefertim

Nefertim = Heru Ur = Khonsu –> they are one and the same

The 4 Herus are the same Heru.

At the time of the emergence of Christianity, Amun was being worship in Egypt. Christianity co-opted the Amun tradition.

The Multiplicity of Creation requires different cosmic forces. For example, animal force energy and symbology – there are divinities that reside over each energy (i.e snake, tiger, etc). These are different pathways to the same discovery.

Methurt is another female aspect of the Supreme Being. In the realm of time and space things are depicted as opposites. The space in between thoughts helps one transcend the differentiation to have an understanding that is undifferentiated.

Sekhmet Bast Ra – female aspect of the Nefertim

The Goddess Traditions – The Main Goddess is Goddess Net (relates to Goddess Aset and Goddess Hetheru).

The Lineage of Shetaut Neter – Kheperi created creation and gave a philosophy to Lord Djehuti who gave the teaching to Goddess Hetheru. Goddess Hetheru gave the teaching to Asar and Aset who gave the teaching to their son Heru who gave it to the priests and priestesses of Ancient Egypt who codified it into papyrus text.

Shetaut – secret, Neter – Divinity. Shetaut Neter – the Hidden Divinity or the Hidden Way of The Divinity. In order to discover what is being hidden one has to become a Shems; a follower of Shetaut Neter – practice the disciplines of Shetaut Neter.

Sema – Yoga – Unity & Joining, Tawi – Land. The Sema Symbol is a trachea with two lungs. The two have combined to become one. When Heru and Set come together, we have a union of the two aspects of the personality. Heru – upper Egypt (upper aspect of the personality, Set – lower Egypt (lower aspect of the personality). Set and Heru are actually one and the same and are at conflict. Set represents illusion and the ego. Heru represents aspiration – the force that allows you to lead yourself to discovery and enlightenment. When the Heru aspect wins out you have Kingship, Enlightenment and Transcendence.

Nehast – Spiritual Awakening – what happens when Asar resurrects.

Kemetian religion is to be practiced by men and women alike. When you go into the shrine to meet the great Divinity, you are called Asar in the Asarian tradition and you are going to meet Asar. You are already God discovering God. You are discovering your own divinity that is already there. This is the essence of the Neterian religion. Having done that you have the power of Heru – you are the King or the Queen on Earth.

Theme I Found Most Important
This was such a rich teaching and I appreciate the lively and engaging discussion that took place at the lecture. The theme that resonated the most with me was that I am Asar and when I become a follower of Shetaut Neter, I am not just discovering Divinity, I am discovering my Divinity. This is the essence of “knowing myself”. All illusion and delusion falls away and I achieve great peace and enlightenment because I have come home to myself. This signifies the importance of cultivating a calm clear mind so that there is large space between thoughts – maximum mental stillness so that I can be able to communicate with the Divine, with myself on a soul level. I am encouraged to put more stillness in my day and put more importance of preserving and maintaining my meditation practice. Very Nefer presentation.

Aset is an aspect of Set, so why is the battle between Heru and Set and not Aset and Set?