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Asar Maat E

Teachings of Amenenope Chapter 18 Asar Maat reply

Dua Asar Djehuty Se Hotep for highlighting important points for the beginning and advancing students as understood from lecture 18 presented by Seba Maa.

Several subtle points also struck me as particularly important to assimilate as an advancing student.  Pertaining to sections on verse 24, 25, 26 you mentioned that aspirants should follow the path that leads to freedom of the deluded stupor and should lead to a cleansing lifestyle.  In the lecture Sebai Maa indicated that this lifestyle is a spiritual life, which in fact is easier than the load of following egoism and worldly activity.  In the spiritual life the only effort we need to put forth is to vanquish the stupor and dullness through menching–cutting the rough and deluded aspects of our lives.  The concept of mench and becoming mench-ab was discussed extensively during the 2018 Neterian Conference and was introduced in the Temple of Aset course. The metaphor introduced was to take a piece of sycamore wood and to carve out–chisel the raw edges leaving a smooth beautiful polished piece of wood. The sycamore is a metaphor for the body akin to the stupor and dullness that must be cut through.

Another point that struck me was Sebai’s cross-reference of Chapter 18 verses 15, 24 and 25 with Chapter 11 verse 10 and Chapter 16 on this issue of “forsaking” the divine in your own existence or turning away from the Divine. For reasons somewhat difficult to explain this concept of forsaking the Divine appears to the personality as the most aggress of acts. Perhaps because the text is connoting that right now God is in you, therefore, accepting that means doing anything or busying oneself with thoughts feelings other than the Divine turns away from the Divine.

The text reminded me of a passage from The Teaching of Ptahotep where the sage states “Follow thine heart during thy lifetime; do not more than is commanded thee. Diminish not the time of following the heart; it is abhorred of the soul, that its time [of ease] be taken away. Shorten not the daytime more than is needful to maintain thine house. When riches are gained, follow the heart; for riches are of no avail if one be weary,” (Sebai, 2006 – Wisdom Texts)

For my understanding follow thine heart is guidance to follow the God within, to live a spiritual life focused on a cleansing lifestyle and not on the concerns of daily life and worldly activity.

Dua Sebai Maa for bringing forth this profound teaching.
Asar Maati