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Sehu Khepera

Udja, Dua,

The brief synthesis of Asar Djehuty Mes was very good and succinct and brought out some very important points in lecture 18.
From my perspective, verse 6 goes to the very basis, that is to say the heart of human suffering, pain and disappointment in life. When human beings remove themselves from the inner reality of the Divine Self the outcome exemplifies or is symbolic of a life lived in delusion and ignorance. Verse 6 reads thus:

Neberdjer pay f ary sau hat amm
Lord of Utmost Limits that he does guide the front boat

In the lecture it was told that self-will and self-directed destiny are good concepts but are not born out in the reality of how things are and in reality self-willed destiny is not a fact because it is Neberdjer who is at the front of the boat of life guiding and directing its course for the benefit of humanity. If that direction leads to suffering or to prosperity is inconsequential to the reality that is the reality, Divine will that is the ultimate arbiter of the destiny of the individual posited soul. Thus, Neberdjer is guiding everything and not the ego will of the human entity. We can choose however to follow the path of truth (MAAT) or ignorance. If we follow the path of truth the righteous outcome is the discovery of the existence of Neberdjer and we do that by obeying and heeding the philosophical and religious teaching, opening our hearts and Divine affection going towards the west. Sebai Maa illuminated the teaching by stating, “human self will and or self determination are an illusion.” Therefore, any idea that we concoct, determine that this concoction will lead to true happiness and freedom, is living a delusion and since all delusions are born in illusion, we are essentially following nothing, like striving to touch a mirage that simply vanishes at the human attempt to grasp it. Human existence is no more real than any dream, thought or instance of imagination but by buying in to our delusions we discover the pains of life. In as such, Sebai Maa also explained that mind and objects are both illusory. Thus objects, things and events are appearances to the mind that the mind has conjured and since the mind itself is illusory, then and illusory mind is perceiving an illusory phenomena, that it itself has conjured and thus nothing is really happening as an illusory instrument is perceiving an illusory phenomena and thus to follow illusions is a kind of insanity, a dire predicament and one that steep in deep and dark ignorance and this is what Sage Amenemope is teaching us to avoid, this dark ignorance. As the Ancient Egyptian Proverb states, “There is no darkness like the darkness of ignorance.” In as such perception itself is an illusory construct. Therefore, we must learn to let go and let the Divine by relinquishing the impulses of the ego and turning towards remembrance and awareness of Neberdjer.

Verse 23 is also of profound importance to the spiritual life of an initiate of the Shetaut path. The verse reads as follows:

Cher ma nu an uha emgab f
Before behold! There negative failure in presence/facing his

Again, the principle of mind as that which ties the creation together is presented. This is a serious matter for spiritual students to understand because it is through this truth that we realize that the world is not what is appears to be and that it is being held together by mentation and nothing else. Therefore, to give it any validity other than that is a serious mis apprehension of reality. Sebai Maa wen through the idea of the cobbling of matter (sub atomic particles, quanta) to form objects, yet all this magic of cobbling is supported and made possible only through the illusory mind. If this teaching is seriously meditated upon, we would discover that the only true path that sooths the human heart is the discovery of the inner most reality, Neberdjer. It is told in the lesson that when we untie creation through the process of qualitative Shedy, we “see what creation is.”
Of supreme profundity to this writer is when it was told in the lecture that “human beings are inherently failed experiments.” This is a great truth because what it points to is that our human nature is an inherent flaw and that to express perfection through humanness is a very great error in living, life and the path to truth. Additionally, what this says is that Uhem Ankh, when a person does not strive to discover the fundamental reality, is like the Chernobyl nuclear power plant melt down. The melt down comes in argumentation, sexual desire, murder, stealing etc. The human plan is nothing more than an experiment in search for happiness and since the plan itself is flawed because of the misunderstanding that the experiment itself is not apt to succeed due to fundamental ignorance, which is the basis upon which the experiment is based, the experiment itself, in its conception is a failure. Human beings can never be perfect in terms of human existence, we can however be perfect in our realization of truth and that is the only perfection that is attainable, everything else is illusion.
These are very great lessons imparted by Sage Amenemope. This is the end of a brief writing on the topics but not the end of the reflection, contemplation and deep thought in to these topics.

Dua Sage Amenemope,
Dua Sebai Maa,