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Bastu Baket

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Udja, Dua for a very comprehensive yet concise summary of this lesson. Indeed, the aspects of controlling the mouth/consciousness and being aware of Neberdjer and how to practice being aware of Neberdjer were prevalent.

While reviewing this lesson, there was a section at around 48-52:00 minutes in the recording where Sebai Maa was discussing Neberdjer and Aryu as well, and I quote: “There is only One existence. One can control one’s destiny temporarily, but the Ultimate destination is already set.”

This allowed me to truly reflect on this statement and during that reflection the 4 Great Truths seemed to correlate well. “Pa Neter Ua Ua Neberdjer m Neteru; An Maat swy saiu set se Khemn; Se uashu se nafu n saiu set; Ari shedy rekh ab m Maaheru” As we know these teachings are like a cycle starting with Neberdjer and ending back at Neberdjer. Once again this being aware of Neberdjer is effectuated in a profound way. Following and living by these 4 Great Truths will allow one to control one’s destiny because that ultimate destination/Neberdjer is already there, already set.

When we are devoted to, turning our attention to the Divine/Neberdjer we move in the intended direction of the cycle. Conversely when we turn our attention away from the Divine we allow our ego to direct our lives in the Shemm (heated personality) as the 2nd Great Truth implies.

What I also correlated to the 3rd Great Truth about devotion, was In Sebai’s summary of Chapter 6 Sebai Maa spoke of the 3 things to be devoted to:

o being aware of Neberdjer.
o have in mind the ideal of being in God’s Hand.
o have the prospect of culminating spiritual life in Beautiful West.

In conclusion the 4th Great Truth brings it home with being true of speech by practicing the disciplines of Shedy and this correlates for me to controlling the mouth/consciousness and the practice of awareness meditation that was elaborated on through this lesson.

Dua Sage Amenemopet, Sebai Maa, Seba Dja, Asar Djehuty Mes and Hemu
Bastu Baket