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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 20 Audio
What Is necessary for Spiritual Practice cont’d.
• What are the main teaching brought out in this?
• What are you currently implementing?
• If not, how will you implement what you are not now?
The audio in this lesson is a continuation of the previous lesson, #19. Sebai Maa continued to provide teaching on very important concepts to assist us who are engaging in or trying to develop a spiritual practice.
1. Reactionary form of life – this was described as a degraded state of being. When one is reactionary, their movement in life is full of agitation,“when reactionary one can end up in a trance, over thrown with negativity.” However, he goes to say that a life of yoga, reflection and meditation prevents this from happening.
How being implemented
After significant implementation of mindfulness, reflection and meditation I can see over time the detachment from my thoughts and feelings making it much easier to not be so reactionary in my actions. I find that it is alittle more challenging to not be reactionary in my thoughts. This is what I am working on now being that I have become much better at stopping my tongue from saying things in response. I am needing to learn how to not have thoughts that maybe negative even if they are only for a short moment.

2. Another point made was one must transcend go beyond, develop understanding, “why did I get into this … .” get to the source, egoism, personal desires (source) begin to purify, eradicate and let go. The person who did it is not the real me, the puppet analogy was shared to provide a visual to help understand this concept.
How being implemented
I can say that I have gone through a few different ways of understanding the relationship between my ego self and higher/casual self. I know have the understanding and awareness of the oneness of it all, the ego is being used to have an experience which has a purpose. So thought and feelings, desires, etc that I may have ought to be detached from because they do not always align with “God’s plan” because they do not align with Maat. Having this understanding helps me to understand the reason for sublimating the ego personality so that is can act more to prevent wrong doings than to try to get desires and feelings met.

3. Another important point related to the misconception related to speaking only the truth – Truth should be used in a manner that brings a greater good not to hurt people (egoistic, cause impressions of negative agitation of the mind). The example given was of a Yogi who told the truth, got someone killed and now has the burden of it. “Don’t tell truth just to hurt another, this is egotistical, this will leave an impression of the ego in the mind (clouds that prevent one from understanding higher truth). “Truth should not be spoke in situations that will lead to adversity. One must learn to understand the higher good.”
How being implemented
I am seeing a new area in my life to implement this. Recently I have noticed the tendency to express “the truth” to loved ones about their actions but in doing so I am noticing that they may take offense and then things spiral for them and I detach from the situation. In reflecting on this teaching, I will need to begin to understand how sensitive other can be when hearing things about their actions and if talking about it is going to do harm then it should not be discussed – Truth should not lead to hurt in another. See it as their ariu, and know that it has no affect on my essence and that is what really matters. Let go of my own egoistical feelings of being annoyed, bothered, etc. and allow peace to reign.

4. Another important teaching related to what one should focus on between one’s actions and the fruit of ones actions. SM mentioned that, “you want to do things to the best of your ability, focus on the action not the fruit.” It is not yogic if looking for return. Do not need approval because God, is the doer I am just the vessel and as long as my ego is in check, I will receive Sa Ankh something that no other person can give but this what I work for now, God’s grace, love and life.
How being implemented
I continue to do this by focusing on the Greater Who I am interacting with when engaging with others. At time, I can see my ego trying to make its way – “don’t do this for him, he does not do it for you” and have to quickly remind myself that I am not interacting with “him/her” I am interacting with ME, the Divine so I must do if it is a positive action despite what is done for me by that personality.

5. Spiritual practice should be regular/consistent, begin to be something you grow into and begin to rely on it. Daily. High advance, formal and informal, Formal should carry over in informal, when on job remember the teaching reflecting on them, applying them in day to day life. In short time, one will observe growth, expand and have spiritual evolution. Spiritual gatherings help with this. When you get caught don’t let it take you down, come right back redirect spirt, forgive, pick self-up, etc. Child does not stay crawling forever. Believe in the words of the teaching, you will over time with the correct understanding and practice grow. Focus allows you to do everything in life, downfall comes as a result pf distraction, agitation, impurities of the mind vices.
How being implemented

I continue to engage in my shedy discipline and seek opportunities for growth and purification.

6. SD discussed a very important point, relating to having the attitude that I have not lived my life yet; I can definitely say have passed through my mind before I got on the path of seeking to know Who I am and Who God is.
As a Shemsu Neter, I realize that I have lived many lives before now, and now is the time to discover, not to waits and hold back due to any reasoning.