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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 7 – Introduction to Ancient Egyptian Sema Philosophy

Major Themes
Sema Tawi – Sema means yoga, Tawi means the two lands of Egypt
Relief of an Offering Being Made
– Reddish Brown coloration – Nubian King – acting as the king of Nubia and Kemit
2nd Relief- Heru and Djehity
– King of Upper Egypt – same red coloration of skin tone
3rd Relief – Alexander
– Alexander is depicted as red
Red cannot be used to determine the skin color of ancient cultures – there are no red people.

Kamitan for relief purposes, no matter what skin color you are, you are depicted as red
Naturalistic Relief show more of the ethnic authenticity – shows people as they are
Stylized Reliefs show idealized depictions for political and religious purposes.

Upper Egypt Crown – looks like a bowling pin
Lower Egypt Crown

There are several Nubian features in the bloodlines of ancient Kemit rulers.
The African Discipline of Yoga
– Sema is a part of Shetaut Neter
– Sema is the engine that makes religion run
– Vedas – sacred yoga texts in India
o 1500 emerged from the Aryan people
o Yoga means “to yoke”
o In later period yoga becomes a mystical term to yoke the lower and the higher self
– Patanjali – Yoga Sutras came after the Vedic period
– The concept of Sema is uniting the lower and higher self for a human being
o Yoga of Wisdom
o Yoga of Meditation
o Yoga of Selfless Action
o Tantric Philosophy – Serpant Power Yoga (serpant power is latent energy in every human that is dormant until there is spiritual evolution)
– Neterian Great Truths – inherent in all traditions
o Pa Ntr ua ua Neberdjer m Neteru
o An maat swy saui set s Khemn
o S uashu s-nafu m saiu set
 Set is egoism and egoism leads to all distresses in life
o Ari Shedy rekh ab m maak heru
Doing Shedy leads to knowing self – Who you are and what you are, are 2 different things

Great Truths are pursued in 4 disciplines in 3 steps – leads to the Great Awakening
1. Sejem Shedy – listen to the teachings
a. What do you listen to? The teachings of the different traditions, the myths of the traditions and the special teachings associated with the myths
2. Ari Shedy – Act and live by truth, by maat
a. Do righteous and good deeds, all actions lead to purity of heart
i. Daily, weekly and monthly rituals
ii. Practice the 42 precepts of Maat
b. Acting with Maat will lead to freedom from the fetters of Set
3. Ushet Shedy – Devotion to the Divine
a. Divine singing, yoga postures, offering (divine offering and peace offering)
b. Divine offering leads to divine peace
c. 2 Aspects of Popular Devotional Practice – Personal and Community
d. Temples were research centers for the latent energy sources of a human being
i. Peristyle Hall- Open Court – worship by the common folk
4. Ua shedy – meditation
a. Sage Amenpotet
b. Arat Sekhem
c. Ari Sma Maat
d. Nuk Pu Ushet
e. Glorious Light Meditation – allows your mind to be concentrated on the divine light – was developed before meditation in India
f. Meditation on Wisdom – developed by Sage (Goddess) Aset

Buddhist Culture & Kamitan Culture have statues of people in happy transcendence and smiling

The West has degraded yoga. True yoga is a way of leading you to self-awareness.
Physical Yoga Disciplines (from Pre Common Era)
– Serpent power, nefertim, lotus posture
– Reenactment of the myth – moving in the way of the divinities – develops a meditative consciousness and inspires action

Post Common Era developments of yoga – concentrating solely on the physical aspects (no spiritual aspect) – 100 years ago, women were not allowed to practice yoga in India
Serpent Power/Kundalini Yoga – When your lower body is sublimated, the energy opens your third eye – all the knowledge of nature (below) and the heavens (above) opens to you.

If you do not have yoga in your religion, your religion is not going to work. Religion will not work without the yoga discipline.

Theme I found the Most Important
The theme that I found most important in this discussion is that there is a clear path that has been established that will lead to the Great Awakening. I realize that I have been searching for that path most of my life. Religion was not fulfilling because there were too many messages of white supremacy and too much devaluing of women. I found yoga to be unfulfilling because of the competitive nature of the poses and the posturing (more of self-importance posturing) that occurs in the yoga community. I have now realized that what I was witnessing and experiencing was evidence of how western culture has infiltrated, co-opted, and degraded true religion and yoga. Learning about the Great Truths and the 4 Disciplines has given my soul more comfort and confidence and hope that there is a way for me to connect to the Divine and that there is a community of people who are separate from the dominant culture of white supremacy and patriarchy who have preserved a traditional and African-Centered way of viewing the world and spiritual practices.

1. Is Qi Gong a form of Yoga?