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Lesson 13 Reading Assignment from Introduction Into Egyptian Yoga and Neterian Spirituality Workbook, pp. 10-20

Study Questions
1. The relationship between the Egyptians and the Ethiopians is they are the same people. As stated in historical accounts, the Egyptians were sent out to establish a colony on the Northeast part of Africa in present day Sudan.
2. The ancient Egyptians were Ethiopians, Kushites, and Nubians.
3. Egyptian Yoga is a system of union for the individual soul to merge with the Universal soul. The Initiatic Way of Education is being changing ones life through an exact system involving listening to, study of, and meditation on the teachings in a proper environment with a proper teacher(s).
4. Initiation is more of an embarking on a journey of spiritual living which leads to enlightenment.
5. A Kemetic Yoga counselor helps the seeker turn unpleasant experiences into a desire to rise above whatever ails them and helps them channel/restructure negative energy into a viable spiritual program.

This lesson was an excellent start to preparing for the study of Shetaut Neter. The 3 levels of aspirants clearly states how a beginner should be engaged. Each one stirred a desire to know more. 🙂
1. Aspiration – become conscious of the divine self
2. Striving – purification of the mind/body through spiritual discipline
3. Established – having the experience and the appreciation of the divine presence during consistent reflection and meditation.

I took a look at post # 20473 by DjedefHor Anpu and enjoyed the narraitve format of his answers as well the observation of the lack of initiation in Christianity being a cause for failure in the consistency of it’s devotees.