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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 6 Part I: Fundamental Principles of African Religion
Main Underlying Principle of African Religion- Goda the Universe are one → pantheistic view of religion. God and creation are one.
This contrasts with other views in religion when the cause is separate from the effect (western religion)
Symbol – the point of creation – everything came from the same dot

Supreme Being-God and universe are one

Religious practice is of two types.

A Complete Religious Experience Has:
3.Mysticism-has to lead to mysticism
When religions lead to mysticism, they all lead to the same destination

Orthodox Religious Practice Has:

Western Christianity only has 2 levels practiced. Originally Christianity had a mystical understanding before the Roman Catholic Church took over.
-There used to be as many as 18 gospels.
-Roman sect was the only sect of Christianity that was allowed.
-Egypt Christians buried their scrolls when Romans came – gnostic gospels – dead sea
scrolls. These contained mysticism and were rejected from the canon.

Islam has a mystical sect – Sufism

Judiasm has a mystical sect – Kabbalism

Byzantine Christianity -Turkey
Koptic Christianity- Cairo

Myth & Ritual alone will not allow you to discover your divinity and the truth that cannot be quantified.

Mysticism – a human being transcends their limited human experience
Orthodox conflict – My story is better than you story.

Many people are not willing to practice the rituals that lead to transcendence
Program of African Religion:
1. Storytelling (myth)
2. Ritual
3. Ecstasy (transcendental experiences)
People who deny religion want to engage in secular life and view religion and morality as an obstacle to their secular experience ⇒ want to deny that nature is sacred ⇒ want to embrace the separation of man and nature ⇒ Their main religion is in actuality greed.

Religion is the opioid of the people – Carl Marx.
Secular fanatics are as dangerous as religious fanatics.
Don’t believe just because someone tells you to believe, prove it to yourself.
Yoga Philosophy- to unite
1 Ecstasy → ② Reflection → ③ Meditation
Ecstasy – transcendence from time & space
Yoga is science of making mystical ecstasy happen.

How do we understand a myth? Myth is not a lie. Myth is more like a metaphor, an analogy. Myths give you a story and a kind of image of the existence of creation – has a transcendental reality about it.
1. Not just for the ancients -time for the past present and future
2. Written in the form of a journey-by or wearing the person in the story grows spiritually
3. Living the myth – practicing the formal rituals (ceremony) and informal rituals (how you live your life a treat others)
4. Not just for entertainment -reinforcement of concept in your mind; entire personality is coming into a physical, mental, a spiritual experience of the myth, establishes paradigm

•Rhetoric – western philosophy – confuse the discussion to redirect what people are trying to say -The language of confusion comes from the Greek
•Kemetian language is much more succinct and avoids confusion and floweriness
•Osama Bin Ladin’s issue was with American Leadership – we better do something to make the world a better place – address the underlying issues instead of ignoring them and following the rhetoric and paradigm of western colonialistic way of being

Myths help us put the pieces together and help us understand what life is all about, what we ought to be doing and how we ought to go about doing it.

Three Main Types of Myths
1.Creation myths – how supreme being brought forth the world, why are we here and what do we need to be” doing; The creation and supreme being are one. We are here to express the Divinity.
a.We are the highest expression of Divinity and have the potential to be the lowest expression of Divinity.
i.when you go somewhere alone, don’t have an ally to get through the world, you will fall – This world is the realm of Trouble → We cope in the realm of trouble by having a philosophy

2.Heroic Myths- Ari / Karma
a.We are souls having a human experience
b.Hem → Krishna → Buddha → Quexalcote
i.Perineal Philosophy
Joseph Campbell -The Hero of a Thousand Faces
3. Moral Teaching Myths
a.example: Anansi stories
b.Also parables & proverbs
c.These myths help you obtain virtue – you cannot obtain something without doing it. The “doing” is more important.

Common Principles in African Religion
•There is a divinity from which come lesser divinities.
•Polytheism- these lesser gods are just manifestations of the Supreme Being.
•”Devil “is concept of western religion – in Afrikan religion evil comes from living a life without virtue or acting in an unrighteous way
•We are built to have an understanding that we are part of something greater- living in contradiction to that, brings suffering and leads to insanity
•Believing in spirit or something transcendental will sustain us
•Asarian Eucharist-bread and wine came from the Old Kingdom Period – ritual of eating the gods. As you are eating the gods & goddesses the Supreme Being has come back and realized its oneness and the ideal has been achieved.
•Physics teacher-every point in the universe is the center of the universe – time and space are relative. I am the center of the universe and so are you, we are all one!
•To be separate from divinity means you are running from divinity and are actively seeking a path of never satisfied unfulfillment.

Lesson 6 Part II: Great Tenths of Shetaut Neter
Candle- light of the drain self = Akhu
Incense- Kush (nubia) -the land of the origins, the land of the Gods & Goddesses – fragrance
of the personality -offering to the divine
Libation – continuous mental thought in direction of the divine
Hekau – words of power that transform creation, transform your personality, transform your mind. Repeat 4 times – symbolizes creation: north, south, east, west
1000 beef & 1000 geese- Astral hetep slab -offering table
-rolled up mat, loaf of bread, hunch of beef -maleness, Goose – femaleness
-water poured and mixed on the slab symbolizes unity from duality – giving up separation between me and sprit -offering becomes sanctified

Shetaut Neter – what does it mean?
Shetaut -hidden, Neter -divinity  Hidden way of the divine self – how to know the Divine Self

Why should we try to know anything?

Ancient Kemetian Temple – 3 separate boundaries
Outside -the world
1. First Room-desiring to aspire, to follow the Kemetic Path, receive the initial teaching, receive your devotional feeling through singing and prayers.
Next Room (behind the door) – where high philosophy is presented, for initiates.
Innermost shrine – for those who have received the light, most elevated teaching will be given.

The very act being in the first room of the temple is a great achievement in itself. Acceptance into the mysteries of Shetaut comes by maturity – what are you deeds; how do you follow the teaching and implement the act to the best of your ability? How do you implement the disciplines in your life?

Most of the people in the world are searching for happiness. Ancient Proverb-” Seeking happiness in the world is the search for an illusion.” There is always “something” in the world ~ something always happening. This “something” teaches us about impermanence. Harpers Songs – we cannot stay in the world. Whatever we do in the world is perishable.

We should do things to take care of our practical realities and not be striving to make something out of this perishable world. Arabic Saying- “Man fears time. But time fears the pyramids.” This whole world will wash away, the whole universe will dissolve from whence it came – what will happen then?

We must be: persistent, tenacious, diligent in the practice of the disciplines to have clarity of mind and body to understand the teaching.
The world is impermanent. What then is permanent? What should be worth your while? What should be worth your time and effort for pursuit?
“If-Then” Happiness is a concept that has been given to us from this society.
Truth is defined as something that is unchanging Kemetic Theology – Nun-primeval stuff – the energy of all things.

I have something within me that is transcendental Ancient Kemetic Proverb – “The body belongs to the earth, the soul belongs to heaven”

The spirit is what is constant. How did we go from being transcendental to mortal? And how do we get back to being transcendental?

Striving → know thy self

1. Supreme being manifest in many forms – There is a oneness behind all
How do we see behind the illusion.
2. Unrighteousness leads to the fetters of Set which causes ignorance.
– In the beginning humanity became arrogant because they had no limitations ⇒ humans were given water encasements to have one type of limitation ⇒ Maat teaches humanity to live in a way to be free of the water encasement
– Existing through fetters causes ignorance Ancient Proverb – “There is no
darkness like the darkness of ignorance”
3.If you cause devotion of the Divine to be in your life, it will cause freedom (and being able to breathe).
-Devotion – turning your life toward the Divine – what is it like to have goodness, peace?
4.Practice disciplines, doing the Shedy Disciplines:
1.Listening to the teachings
2.Devotion to the divine (•practicing divine rituals, •loving others as yourself, •loving nature)
4.Meditation -break through into the next realm of being Levels of Existence.

1.Physical Realm
2.Astral Plane-experience it when you dream or having waking visions – subconscious.
3.Causal Plane -unconscious world
4.Transcendental (exists deep with- the heart of the unconscious mind – the third plane) can see the nature of the world and the oneness of creation
Goal of the teaching is given to us in myth and philosophical scripture.

Most important myth – Assarian Resurrection
King Asar utilized the teachings of Lord Kheperi, codified by Djehuti to create Shutaut Neter
Rituals- ritual of resurrection.
Offering – what is to be offered? The reconstituted eye of Heru.
You have to move forward and elevate yourself.

1. What are the other forms of creation?