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Jasmine Barber

Lesson 5- Kemetic Origins of Greek Philosophy, Mythology & Western Religion Part I

Major Themes
What is Neterianism?
Neter = divinity
Neterianism = the religion of the Neter of ancient Egypt
1.Pre-Judaic Arab Religion
•Mesopotamia- Sumer, Babylonian, Persian, Zoroastrianism (2 sides, light & dark), final battle. Humerabic
•Pre-Islamic Allah
•Elohim – Gods & Goddesses in Pre-Judaic times

There are 6 main traditions of Neteranism Hinduism -collections traditions, the gods & goddesses are like a family.

Islam should not be mistaken as Arab culture and Judaism should not be mistaken for Hebrew culture.

Hebrew people in Mesopotamia (Asia minor)
Pre-dynastic Art  Ibex shows up in Egyptian & Mesopotamian Art → this is a demonstration of contact

Heru → Jesus → Krishna

Man smelling lotus flower- the opening up of consciousness.

Pyramid Text-Old Kingdom Era- oldest religious text
• Ankh – Union of limited time & space matter and the spirit

Baal – Balaat (counterparts)
• “t” feminine form of name (naming convention from ancient Egypt)

Hetheru – goddess who destroys evil & egoism
The goddess of wisdom has winged form to rise above.
Lilith- has sign with the symbol of Shen

Abraham moved from Iraq into Egypt because of a draught. What happens if a culture is assimilated into another culture?

Israel and Jacob went into Egypt. There is a constant coming into Egypt & going out of Egypt for survival for Hebrews

Book: Mystical Journey from Jesus to Christ
Sons of Noah started 3 groups of people
• Hem – African people
• Shem- Asiatic people
• Japheth- Eurasian people

Hem’s sons
• Cush – Ethiopians
• Mizraim – Egyptians
• Canaan – Mesopotamians

People in the bible descendant from the Hamite group

Judaism is a religion not a race of people there were no white Jewish people until the roman empire fell. The 10 commandments, proverbs (some), and some of Deuteronomy are from Maatian Scriptures philosophies of Ancient Egypt.

Tamar and Rahab were Canaanite women. Jesus was at least half black.

Christians moving into Egypt
• Christian church at Denderah Temple
• Christians destroyed temples to create churches

Ancient Egypt Influenced the God a Goddess of Arabia
• war against the Ancient Egyptian temples
• co-opted symbols and concepts
• bible condones killing & genocide.
• bible condones and supports manifest destiny

The Egoism of Islamic Culture
• believe they are the best people in all the earth → superior people
• these statements are not harmonious with other cultures.
• plays into the ideas of white supremacy
“Unbelievers are the enemy” ⇒ this belief causes problems b/w Christianity, Islam, and Judiasm. This type of tiling is not in ancient Egyptian religion or Asian religion. Fundamentalist in these religions causes the problems and conflict in the world today.

Why are there Christian missionaries anyway?
• Secular leaders controlling fundamentalists to control the people through fundamentalist

Arabs destroyed thousands of Hindu Temples
• called the Hindu temples idol warship
• Arabs put their temples on top of the destroyed Hindu temples

• oval shaped structure to hold the meteor.
• actually a tantric symbol – vagina that holds the seed

There are no historical records of Jesus or Moses outside of the bible

Sikhism & Bahaism have their basis in Islam.

We need to go to the original source of who we are as a people.

Cosmic Universal Principles and looking from Nature helps overcome the challenges of
cultural misinterpretation. Universal Principles- Harmony, Caring, Support
Come back to the source and recognize fundamental principles.

Zoroastrianism is related to Indo-European culture – they were called Aryans in Asia

Gnostic 0-325
Roman Catholic

Scripture (some scriptures deleted from canon) Tradition
Jesus as a child (added by tradition of the church)

1. Observation: Christianity seems to fuel colonialism (historically) and neo-colonialist rule (presently)
2. The Roman Empire fell – is the fall of Western Civilization coming? Particularity, the fall of Great Britan and USA?