Reply To: Kemet 101-Lesson 1 Discussion Forum


Udja Sebai Maa,

I finished the videos for lesson 1. Here are key elements that I received:

1. My soul mate is Asar, not some other personality in time and space. Oftentimes the media feeds our minds with the idea that we are only “complete” when we’ve found that special someone, our soul mate or significant other. The love relationship between asar and Asar is like no other. Only I can go in the holy of holies. I can’t bring any person with me to this sacred space, only my higher Self.

2. For spiritual progression, commitment to the teachings/practice is important. I realized that I’m not making use of my time effectively. I can listen to the teachings much more during the day than I am currently doing. I can constantly bombard myself with the Divine through chanting and singing uplifting songs while at work as well as listening to the teachings while driving in my car and working out.

Question: Seba Dja mentioned that one’s job may affect one’s ariu, and a job change may be required. With that in mind, how do we choose proper work? Does it have anything to do with our “passion” or not?

Dua for your attention, and I look forward to your response.

Shems Sekhmet Bes Ra’at