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Lesson 9 Reading Assignment page 107-124

What is MAUI? = Reflection
Is to think, to ponder, to fix attention, concentration

Name the process in the practice in the Kemetic Yoga of Wisdom
1. Listening to the to the Wisdom teachings. Having achieve the qualifications of an aspirant there is a desire to listen to the teachings from a Spiritual Preceptor. There is increasing intellectual understanding of the scriptures and the meaning of truth versus untruth, real versus unreal, temporal versus eternal.
2. Reflection on those teachings and living according to the disciplines enjoined by the teachings until the wisdom is fully understood. Reflection implies discovering the oneness behind the multiplicity of the world by engaging in intense inquiry into the nature of one’s true Self.
3. Meditation, the process of reflection leads to a state in which the mind is continously introspective. It means expansion of consciousness culminating in revelation of and identification with the Absolute Self: Brahman.

What are the steps in practice the Yoga of Wisdom
1. I must Learn Ethics and Law of Cause and Effect Practice. The 42 Precept of MAAT purify gross impurities of the personality. They control body, speech and thoughts.
2. I must Practice cultivation of the higher virtues. Selfless service to purify mind and intellect from subtle impurities.
3. I must Devote to the Divine. See maatian action as offering to the Divine.
4. Meditation. i must see oneself as one with Maat, i.e United with the cosmic order which is the Transcendental Supreme Self.

How should a spiritual aspirant think about ego based feelings and how does the Action Path affect them as an aspirant transforms through time?
I must think of Yoga of Action which implies acting according to the teachings of mystical wisdom (MAAT) through my normal day to day activities. In doing so my mind will be occupied with thoughts which are uplifting to my mind far from the mental complexes (worries).

Mental complexes will intensify rather than resolve if dwelled upon constantly.

If you do not learn the spiritual lesson that the situation is here teach you, what happens? I am setting myself up to have the experience repeat itself again.

By acting and moving like the gods and goddesses i can essentially discover my character, ernegy and divine agency within one consciousness and thereby also become one of their retinue, i.e. one with the Divine Self.

Yoga postures began in India. True/False
False. Prior to the emergence of the discipline of the physical movements in in India just before 1000 A.C.E., a series of virtually identical postures to those which were practiced in India can be found in various Ancient Egyptian papyruses and inscribed on the walls and ceilings of the temples.

In modern times, most practitioners of Indian Hatha Yoga see it as a means to attain physical health only.

Many enlightened personalities from time to time indulge in physical activities.

The stagnation of the flow of energy throug the body has effect of grounding one’s consciousness to the physical relities rather than allowing the mind and body to operate with lightness and subtlety.