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Level 1 lesson 20wt Audio Assignment
224B What is necessary for success in the spiritual practice

Example was given of someone who leave degraded life without knowing what happen to him.
Sebai Maa said i must focus on my actions making them pure. I was also informed to be consistent in God thinking. I must practice spiritual both formal and informal. I must keep company of good association (Kumnut Neffer).

Currently myself im at this stage:
I managed to remove meat, dairy and wheat. I eat fruits and vegetables my digestion used too struggle first to take raw vegetables but im okay now i eat almost 70% of raw with little cooked sorghum porridge. I eat once daily. I love New Moon Fast days in our event calendar. My struggle which is my weakness remain prayer but is because since my young age never pay much attention to going to church, however now that i have found home here, i have adopted the program in the book reading and im implementing it little step as recommended.