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Shems Ahit Nebthet

Lesson 17 Reading Assignment
Readings 51-58
1. Many preachers use exciting method?
Yes these methods may initially spark an interest to know more, but that’s as far as it can get you most of the time, just interested in still in search for the answers that can contribute to expansion of consciousness and awareness of one true self and the universe.

2. When life humbles the aspirant it is even more important that they should do what?
Trust in the teacher who will never rub their nose in it or turn them away.
3. How should a spiritual aspirant think and feel about humbling themselves to the teaching and their teacher?
a. Its cleansing process in itself as it is a process of sacrificing the ego, in other words sublimating it, not allowing it to cloud one’s mind as one matriculate through on the journey.
b. I view my preceptors as representatives of the Divine who will and can help me on this path.
c. Considering what is taught in these Mysteries, I have found that humbling myself to the teachings requires ceasing thoughts of pride and self-importance as this does not matter or is necessary when seeking enlightenment and when it is attained.
d. I must humble myself to my teacher because he/she provides me with the opportunity to mess up, be forgiven (in other words, not judge me due to their higher understanding that I am just ignorant and need more help, not to be made to feel bad about oneself or ones actions, but instead to become more mindful of ones actions and the impact and how to purify my actions) and further aided along the path by showing me the unrighteousness in my action in love (as loving parents do) so that I may continue to make necessary changes in my life as I work to seek and maintain Nehast.
e. Another thought that came to mind as I reflected on this question, the teacher understands how tough it is to make it through the gross and subtle temptations, fantasies, notions and desires. Hence, they are prepared and willing to help and not shames one for being ignorant as it just means that more work is to be done to help me remove the veil.
f. Apart of me humbling myself is giving my trust, self, allegiance and support to the cause of my teachers to help facilitate the development of a long-term relationship which is needed in order to obtain a deeper understanding of the teachings.
g. Also to never forget my first teacher and to not discredit him/her based on the new teachers I have found because they set the stage for by pondering mind and exposed me to what was necessary to help find Shetaut Neter.

4. You must attempt to never lose your temper in the presence of the preceptor and never treat the preceptor unrighteously or with resentment.

5. In Kamatian spirituality there is more focus on Divinity as opposed to the personality of the preceptor